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I feel it's been a difficult week, how have you managed?


No matter how small, please do let us know how you gotten through this past week.


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I met my daughter for a dog walk and we laughed about silly things.I have various stressful family issues ongoing and it helped to get out and talk to her.Missing my loved ones on top of everything else.

I hope you are ok Chloe.

chloe40Administrator in reply to Sandradsn

That’s so good to walk with your daughter and I’m really pleased you could laugh together x

I’m okay, thanks for asking x I’ve had a very difficult time myself which I really hope is going to change very soon.


I had a very tearful week, felt it was one step forward but six steps back. To help I bought several bunches of daffodils & took a little pleasure watching them bloom into beautiful flowers....my husband loved flowers. I’m missing not seeing my family terribly.

chloe40Administrator in reply to KT22

Hello KT22 Really sorry to read your feeling upset x

I actually feel the same way about daffodils, I too bought them and I really felt peaceful every time I looked at them.

I hope you will soon see your family as the restrictions start to lift.


KT22 in reply to chloe40

Hi Chloe, sorry to read that you’re having a difficult time yourself. I hope things change for you soon. Please message me if you wish to share anything Sending love & a big hug. KT Xx

chloe40Administrator in reply to KT22

Thank you KT22 Much appreciated <3

Yes it has been a difficult week hasn't it for lots of people.

Last night due to having had such a hectic and difficult week myself we decided to treat ourselves to a takeout from a Lebanese restaurant we had wanted to have gone to for ages and finished it off for today's breakfast as there was so much of it!

Last Monday I had my first covid jab at a leisure centre I used to go swimming at many years ago and it was weird not going to the pool there! The nurse there was very nice and put me at ease which makes all the difference.

Tuesday the reflection day was a very painful day when I sat quietly and reflected on what's been lost both for me personally and those poor people who have died and the cruel way it came about.

On Tuesday I had a sort out of things that can be rearranged and replaced such as days out at some point in the future and the things that sadly can't be replaced such as lost childhoods and how kids had school stolen off them when the pandemic hit.

Wednesday I had an interview on video and got the news yesterday I didn't get it but I wasn't heartbroken over it as I don't think I would have enjoyed working there.

Thursday I met my friend in the park and saw an old colleague there from the toxic job who retired a few months before I left who wasn't surprised that I had decided to have left and said how she feels the same as I do that I made the right decision in leaving and how the way management behaved was motivated by jealousy and how she felt they were naughty in the way they had led me to have believed that I was going to be working in their registration department as I was there for a day and then lunchtime the following day I was made to have gone back to the place where the bullying was and I explained I wasn't upset over not having the position in registration in itself it was to do with the way I was treated that did!

I contacted another old colleague who tells me that since I left lots of other staff that were there when I was have left as well and 2 line managers are leaving this Wednesday coming.

Things that have helped me through have talking things through with those that are understanding and doing the same with them in return.


Hi Catgirl1976 You've really had a mixed week of good things and reflective times too and I'm pleased being in contact with previous colleagues has helped you to make sense of the difficult work situation that caused so much distress for you.


Catgirl1976 in reply to chloe40

When I have a free 5 minutes I pick up the phone or I write to old friends and colleagues now and again.

The one I saw in the park on Thursday said to me how I wasn't the only one they had picked on as they have done it to lots of other people as well.

There was another colleague there who they had really had it out for and she had ended up off sick for a year and then she had ended up sacked for being sick back in 2018 and she had ended up getting her house repossessed by the bank and in a right mess financially.


Says it all really Catgirl1976

Not the best place to work!



HI Chloe - Having a letter writing day so i thought I'd chip in.

Like many I am waiting for lockdown release. I feel lucky because i attribute recent events in part to the lockdown. But my weeks feel strange at the moment. I have spent this week working with people by video and secretly quelling my fears. I am also planning for Easter Weekend. The Crem last visit was awash with flowers. As i think it will be next weekend so i am looking forward to that. And of course the gardening. My grass is nearly as long as my own hair and hopefully soon both will get a cut.

I will look forward to spring unfolding and an outbreak of horticulture, walking and exploring. I hope you have great expectations.


chloe40Administrator in reply to Greyone

Thank you Greyone My, sounds like you’ve been busy planning, and I do hope you benefited from your Video call.

You’re right Spring is here and there are lots of beautiful plants and flowers to see and indeed, next Sunday will bring more!

Glad you’re doing okay x

I’ve had a strange week as well. My neighbour/friend has been in isolation, we walk together a couple of times a week, so I’ve missed her company a lot. I had a couple of hospitals visits. That was strange. I haven’t been around so many people in ages. Hampstead Heath was heaving. Lots of folk out walking enjoying themselves. There was a film crew there filming. It was was absolutely buzzing. Very different to where I live now. Also had a big disappointment a puppy that I have been planning on getting for the last 4 months I’m no longer allowed to have ☹️ The breeder has decided because I won’t commit to stay in touch via Facebook (I hate Facebook) I cant have one of her ‘babies’. That was really upsetting.

& then on Saturday I got a phone call telling me that my daughter in law’s cousin had a sudden heart attack & died. All so sad only 58. Of course we all know what his family are going to go through now.

I hope your doing better Chloe x

chloe40Administrator in reply to Caza

Hi Caza

Sorry to read about your friend, I hope she doesn’t develop the virus or you!

It is weird when we suddenly encounter lots of people, it’s so alien and I’m not too sure I like it, this is what happens after being shut in.

Hampstead Heath always seems busy, I haven’t been there for years, good walks though.

What a horrible woman? Puppies cost a fortune these days too without the added extra of fab, cheek!

That’s so sad, 58? No age at all bless her x

Oh no my friends fine. Her husband had to go into hospital for an op so they both had to self isolate for a week before & I think two weeks after. You didn’t say how you are feeling?

chloe40Administrator in reply to Caza

Oh that's good Caza

I'm okay, feeling a bit more hopeful of ??something, don't know what exactly, maybe it's seeing the sunshine that's helping.

You take good care of yourself.


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