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New year thoughts for all our members

I hope that 2019 will bring some peace of mind for all of us and that we may find the strength to get through each coming day.

Thinking of you all

Chloe x

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Hi Chloe.

Before long it will all be done for another year. But meeting so many different people here has been a rewarding experience. My enduring thought will be that despite my grief, I have still found it possible to share and help others and in doing so found my own grief more bearable.


Yes, Greyone it hardly seems possible that yet another year has passed. I find I dread this this time more than Christmas and hope it passes quickly.

I am really grateful for all the contributions you have made and in turn the support you have given those also grieving, It is not an easy thing to do but I'm pleased you have found it personally rewarding.

Best wishes

Chloe x

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Thank you chloe40. I feel I need some strength right now. I know I will be ok but sometimes, like right now, I feel so so alone. Thank goodness for the kind people here and of course my dear Izzie. Big {{{hugs}}} to you,

Love Lottie x


Hello LottiesWeb

You're not alone, you really aren't Lottie, we are always here and can you feel my arms around you now, giving you a New Year hug? that's better :)

Personally, I'm glad it over, I just want to go back to some form of an ordinary day if that's possible, it seemed all so flat but maybe that's to be expected.

Walk with Izzie, it helps enormously.

Chloe xx

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chloe40, yes, yes and yes. Had a real setback over Christmas which was the last thing I needed. It all tarnished New Year when I was so looking forward to welcoming in this New Year. I did the best I could but my confidence has taken such a dent and I get so scared at times. Pretty tearful stuff.

Have had some really lovely walks on the beach with Izzie. Back to basics. I am so glad it is all over but did not want to feel this way.

Thanks for your kind words and the lovely hug. They made me cry but made me smile too. Hugs to you too chloe40,

Lottie x


Thank you for a lovely message Chloe. And thanks for all the support you give, it really does help. x


Thank you @Catwoman102

That's so kind of you xx



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