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Feeling like pooh!!!

Hi all

Just on here for a whinge and moan again! I have done a lot of that lately. I am in a relatively average flare at the moment, ulcers on head, chest and legs, really tired and have had a sore head, neck and back all week. But today I woke up and my little finger and the one next to it are so painful to move. Really hurting as I am typing this (at work as usual, not getting much work done today). It hurts all through my hand. I usually get achy but not this much pain. I can now sympathise will people with severe arthritic pain. Not sure what I can do as this seems such a small thing but really painful for me.

Any ideas guys! Or is this the start of a new regular pain I just have to put up with!

Needing hugs today



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Hi Angela,

Sorry you are going through a flare. Whereabouts is your head pain? I had minor skin cut on scalp turn into two swollen tender lumps, one large one on top and one large one at base of skull. When I lay down to try and sleep at night my head throbbed & it felt painful in a diffuse kind of way. I did not even know I had an infection on my head that turned into cellulitis & lymphadenitis needing antibiotics. The large lumps were swollen infected lymph nodes.

Since then I am having a few more battles with Staph. Today I am fighting back with Diclocil (oral) prescribed by my GP. He also said many people use Bactroban in nose at same I'm going to do that as well.

I also have the spine pain (neck & upper thoracic)...I wonder if it is from the Staph??? It will be interesting if some of that pain subsides. It is relieved temporarily by Paracetamol Osteo. but I don't like to take too much because of potential damage to my liver, which is already struggling.


Hi Angela, its the odd thing about Behcet (and probably other weird illnesses) you never realise how much trouble one little problem can be.

It boggles me like you that a finger can cause such gyp... but hey it really can.

I couldnt sit still in a meeting the other day because my elbows hurt so much.............I would get laughed out the room I'm sure if I said anything about it.

I dont have anything helpful to say other than I try to do something that doesn't involve the offending body part.

I'm taking some steroids right now so feeling a bit more comfy but I know they are not a long term least you are in work :-)

Well done I say!



Bless you hun. Behcets really is pooh. I have had a flare since beginning of March. Really suffering with headaches that build through the day and last between 2 and 4 days at a time. Ulcers bad too.

I know how functioning at work can be a struggle. I work 9-1 Mon-Fri and that is enough for me. Some days I don't even know how I manage that especially if my tummy is bad and I keep having to go to the loo. Got an abdo scan on Friday so I might find out what is going on there, well hopefully anyway.

Chronic fatigue and pain is really hard to fight through and most of the time I think I function on autopilot.

Sending you a big hug and hope you start to feel better soon. C x


hugs to you!!!! and well done for making it to work and keeping the hairy side out! good on ya.


Hi Angela and everyone

I'm a bit the same - I usually only ache in the hands but the ache has turned to real pain - and yes one little finger can let you know it's there!

Nothing much to say except take plenty of painkillers and rest.

Btw is anyone on indomethacin? I was, then was taken off it (because I am on so much medication) but was told I could take the odd one - works wonders!



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