very strange feeling

Hi again guys i had two good days and now back down hill again ive had a really bad head for about 5 days non stop but ive just got used to it being there and had two days out with my husband and children then about an hour after my dinner yesterday (5pm) started feeling really funny My face and hands went numbThe room was spinning and evernytime I close my eyes i could feel my pules in my head. all i wanted to do was sleep but i could not close my eyes because it hurt to much I felt really sick but couldnt be sick :-( after about 2 hours I did fall asleep and wake at 10 am this morning feeling very tired and exhausted with my mind telling me yes and my body telling me not a chance in hell :-(

anyone els suffered with this?

Thanks Nicky

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  • Hi nickyclem sorry to hear you've had a couple of bad days. I think it is not uncommon for BD patients to experience fatigue after a period of activity such as you have described with your family. My symptoms are too numerous to mention all of them but I have also in the past experienced headaches and dizzy spells, pins and needles in arms and feet as well as severe leg cramps and joint pains. I have had a head MRI scan which showed nothing abnormal but that again is not unusual. The dizzyness was diagnosed as a type of vertigo which was managed with Prochlorperazine which was very effective. This is not necessarily associated with BD as I know others who have had it at some point. In regard to the fatigue you should try where possible to pace yourself and ensure that you get some rest after being very active. I know this may be difficult if you have children you need to care for but will help with managing your symptoms long term. I hope this helps and that you feel better soon.

    Take care


  • Thanks for your relpy I am really struggleing with all this at the moment I have always been a very active person and can not get a grip of the sitting down and dishes out orders atm. my children dont seem to understand that even tho i look fine on the out side I fell like C*** on the in how do you find a balance I cant seem to ? :-( my mind is telling go for it and my body is saying no way there seems to be no inbetween and I feel like giving up :-(

    Thanks Nicky

  • Hi nicky,

    None of that sounds good at all! Can you contact a hospital A&E/ER by phone & describe your symptoms to them, or get an urgent appointment with your own doctor? Your symptoms sound serious.

    I know with Behcet's there is increased risk of Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis.



  • Thanks for reply I am feeling alot better now just very tired am going to get an early night and hope I feel even better tomoz

    Thanks Nicky

  • Nickyclem - are you under the care of a consultant? If not then you should ask to be assigned to one to have a full assessment of your symptoms and treatment.

    take care

  • I am under a rheumatologys was only diagnosed in Jan this year

    Thanks Nicky

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