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stabbing pains all over :(

Does anyone get stabbing pains all over their body?? I have not been diagnosed with BD, but i feel like i have so many symptoms (mouth ulcers, sore eyes, skin problems, chronic fatigue, muscle pains et, headaches) i was just wondering if stabbing pains may be associated. It started months ago when i got a stabbing pain in my ruled out appendicitis and ibs pretty much straight away but it is still constant. Then i got stabbing pains sort of to right of my ribcage just under my breast and also in my right arm, which was at regular 3 minute intervals for 12 hours straight. My arm felt really warm at the same time. Last night i had it in my left foot, and my veins were really prominent! My feet are always really cold even if im wearing socks and slippers, and today i cant put any weight on my toes!

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Hi there

Bare with the knowledgable ones I am sure they will reply soon xandi and tigerfeet are amazing at giving advice.

In answer to your questions, I get stabbing pains under my ribs and through out my body and its very hard to function. I also suffer with very sore feet and toes knees and hands.

I hope u get the resonce and advice u need.

Sue xx


Hello Nicz,

Yes I suffer from stabbing pains all over my body, all the time. I describe the pain like things inside me are throbbing and a knife is being jabbed in and out of them. I get this pain very bad in my abdomen, particularily under my ribcage area and often radiates around my body into my back and spine. I usually feel a lot of pressure in the painful area and sometimes can see visible swelling. If its my feet or hands being affected then they are usually very hot and red also. Before I even knew I had Behcet's (or even what it was for that matter), I would always say that it felt like my blood vessels were swelling inside me and trying to burst-- now I realize that I wasn't too far off, as Behcet's causes the blood vessels to swell and become constricted inside. This can cause the affected vessel and surrounding to tissues to throb (and stab with intense pain) as blood tries to flow through the inflamed area. Hope this helps a bit in understanding what you are feeling.



I forgot to mention that your prominent veins are probably associated with underlying inflammation or could just be because your body temperature has increased (which will increase bloodflow through the body systemically). But most likely in your case, its because the vessels and underlying/surrounding tissues are inflamed.


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