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Stomach pains

I think I have finally figured out my stomach pain issue! I will have to consult with my docs to see if they agree, but I finally feel like something makes sense.

For months I have had this horrid stomach pain that comes and goes. It's always in the same spot, right by my right hip. I've even been to the ER for it because I thought my appendix was going to rupture it hurt so bad. Other times I've just figured I have a stubborn kidney stone. But, it always feels worse during a flare. It always hurts like heck when I have any kind of stomach problem like diarrhea, etc. And it's always the same spot.

Today when I was reading about the behcet's point diagnosis system I was researching a bit, to see what my score is! I stumbled across an article that says behcet's can commonly attack the ileocecal junction. I googled to make sure I was remembering my anatomy correctly, and sure enough, lower right side. Right where I hurt.

Looks like I'll be adding a GI doctor to my list of specialists I see. Maybe one of them will finally see the light and put everything together and figure out that I have behcet's.

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Wendy, could you post links directly to the information you found or quote with a location reference please?


Here is a powerpoint presentation that I found informative.



Thanks, I will have a look at those later when I have a bit more time.

I have similar pain to that which you describe and I actually had my appendix removed because of it, only to be told there was nothing wrong with it!


Tigerfeet, in the last link it says

"About 22% of the patients with intestinal Behcet's disease developed symptoms mimicking appendicitis during the clinical course. Since the changes were mainly in the ileocecal region, it was thought to be inevitable that the symptoms are due to appendicitis. In our study, 6 patients (23.1%) were diagnosed with appendicitis before opertion."



Interesting indeed. Mine was in 1984 so there was probably even less known about BD then than there is now.


Brilliant. Thanks for this, gives me something to talk to doc about. We're just thinking gut ulcers but this gives me a bit more clarity.

Question is, how do you stop it/alleviate it? I changed my diet (no tough to digest food like red meat, raw veg etc)and it helped noticeably. So desperate not to go back onto steroids.


hi wendy when i was diagnosed with bd it was part of the symptoms as you described pain right lower side.the docs thought i had crohns at first and i was sent to a GI and after cameras here there and everywhere it was confirmed that the stomach and intestines bowel etc has indeed been linked to bd they gave me steroids to counter the effects and symptoms to do with the stomach but during flare ups the pain returns with a vengence and can last for days i also get pain on the left hand side of my stomach all considered by the GI and rheumy as BD symtomatic hopes this helps keep fighting and never give up

regards chris


Gotta love those cameras! LOL. Medication and diet/lifestyle are the best treatments I know of.


Hi Wendy

When I saw the Gastro he said the same thing - BD typically has ulcers in one particular spot. Fortunately for me I didn't have any - hope it works out well for you.



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