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Hello everyone, I have been reading your comments questions and answers for a month now, just plucked up the courage to say hello. I have has BD now for 8 years and have struggled over the last 12 months with continuing long term flare ups where I suffer in server pain can hardly walk sometimes suffer with server preanal and vulva and mouth ulcers, just started a new drug not liking it ( mycophenolate ). Just hope that work. I love reading all your answers it really helps me just to get through the day. I live here in Wiltshire not sure if anyone lives close by. Has anyone tried this drug I had been on azorhiaprin for years it stopped working I hope your all ok, tink.

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Hello, Welcome, Behçet's disease is an idiopathic disease characterized by involvement of different organs but still did not budge the mysterious. Behcet's syndrome 'association of friends of different reactions of the reviews people read it, but you will see for each drug, disease symptoms are formed by the treatment, according to a preferred organ transplantation indications CellCept medication you use yours, I suggest you to stay away from stress and grief, at least you decrease recurrences of the disease.


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