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Loss of loved ones and life

Friends 21 January 2013 02:30 I lost my father due to pulmonary embolism. Health care professional, even if people have to bow to the order of nature, after the diagnosis of Behçet I had so many benefits that you will never forget it, I feel sorry for are not available next to the job requirement. I always cherish the memory in my heart. Whether Forums heaven.

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I am so sorry to hear your sad news sunset...I know how difficult it is to lose a parent. I lost my father to the same thing and it was very sudden and shocking.

My thoughts go out to you and your family



I send you my warmest hugs and thoughts at this desperately sad and difficult time. Each of us knows that our parents will one day die;that is the natural order of things and how it should be. No matter that because when it does happen, at whatever age and for whatever reason, it still feels like somebody has smashed your world apart and taken all that was good.

You will come to recognise, as we all do, that a lot more of beauty and value remain in your life. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to grieve. Grieving is essential if we are to assimilate this experience into our life and its story. One day you will suddenly realise that you haven't thought about your dad for a whole hour! That is when you will know that things are getting better.

With love



Very wise and heartfelt words.

I also send love and hugs to you Sunset. I know the pain of losing a parent.

I am going to a friend's funeral tomorrow and it will remind me of when I lost my Dad, but as time has gone by the times I am able to remember him with a smile on my face outweigh the times when I am sad.

Keep posting, we are here for you.


Dear Sunset,

I feel for you so much and my deepest sympathy goes out to you in your hour of need. I lost both my parents suddenly with similar things and the shock is very hard to come to terms with. It is true what people say that time does help but it is a long time coming and hurts all along the way. I hope you find a little comfort from the comments you receive from your friends on here, I know the caring and closeness that is shown on this site will at least remind you that there are people out here who care for you and wish you well even though we are all miles apart. Take care, with my deepest sincerety, big hugs XX


Not speak the same language, share the same feeling negotiate.

This sudden death really affected me, I was motivated to evaluate the best time to see the truth. Hope to meet more beautiful and happy news very soon, you share the same feelings your friend ibrahim, I would like to thank all those who shared my feelings by writing comment.


Dear Sunset

Thinking of you during this sad time (i've got tears in my eyes), I don't think we are ever 'ready', however the suddenness seems to make it worse.

With Love



Dear Sunset,

Thinking of you at this difficult time.

Nothing prepares you for loss, no matter how much you are expecting it. I would echo Di and say be kind to yourself, and allow yourself time to grieve.

Take care of yourself xx


Dear Sunset,

I send you my deepest feelings at this difficult time. It is the first anniversary of my mother's death, and I empathise with you that the passing of a parent is very hard.

I ask the Lord (I call him God, but you call him Allah) to look down with love to you and your family to help you in your sadness.

As everyone has said, take care of yourself, and allow yourself time to grieve.

With love and best wishes, Suzanne xx


Hello Sunset, just posting to say we are still thinking of you and hope you are ok. xx


Hi Sunset

Big hugs



Thank you to all of you;

Andrea, Tigerfeet, Di, xandi, lesleyg, Sarah-lou, toothfairy, SuenMike, bailey23

Friends thank all of you for sharing your feelings do. Your Language and religion is different from the rest of us brought us to a common point Behçet's disease. I live, therefore I need some time, this loss. Waiting for the understanding of you not being able to comment on the site. Believe me, all of you will be very happy you know your friend who is sharing the same feelings and thoughts ibrahim goodbye.


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