dissertation proposal for life as a Behcet's syndrome sufferer

for my dissertation proposal, im looking for people to complete some questions about life with bechets...

my mother has bechets syndrome which is why i strongly want to do research into this area to help everyone with the rare disease.

please let me know if you are interested so i can send a few questions to you.

any help is appreciated! xx

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  • Yes I am very interested any research into this awful illness is welcomed. My contact e-mail is urquhartruth@hotmail.com


  • Jazzy, may I be blunt and suggest you don't publish contact details in public? I speak only from personal experience of what can happen when you do and out of concern for anyone who does. Best wishes, Tig.

  • Yes please I am interested

    you can private message me through this forum


  • Hi Sami, anything to help

    you can private message me through this forum like Andrea


  • Hello Sami,

    Yes, please send me a private message. I would be pleased to help.


  • Hi,

    I don't mind helping, pls send me a private msg thru the forum.

    Abby x

  • Sami, could you pm me more details of your study before I make my decision? Thanks

  • Yes would love to be of any help.....please let me have your email address and then I will send you my contact details. Billi

  • Me too , same as above can you private message me x

  • Count me in as above x

  • i too am willing to help. contact me, like the others through a private message on this forum

  • I'd be willing but have an underactive thyroid as well so I don't know if this confuses it! If you need any questions answered I'd be happy to answer any :)

  • hi...yes..pm me

    dawnie x

  • I am willing to answer questions too, pm me and I'll help as best as I can.

    Thanks Steven

  • I will answer your questions too, private message me, hope this will help.

  • thank you all so much! i didnt expect such a big repsonse! :)

    i will private message you all with further details about the dissertation when it is finalized and then the questions to follow...

    thank you all again! xx

  • Hi, Yes pm me and I will answer your questions



  • Very happy to answer. You can message me here. Thank you for taking time to research our condition - all research and awareness raising is really beneficial. All the very best with your dissertation.

  • I am also happy to answer questions just private message me!

  • Id love to if you are still looking for people


  • I'm happy to help if you still need people too. Sal x

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