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Wind and more rain!

Hi all

Well my lovely planned weekend of relaxation didnt quite go to plan. I live in Wiltshire so as you have seen on the news all our local villages have been flooded and many people have been affected. The planned xmas light switch on was cancelled because of the weather and my little nephew was very disappointed but never mind. I had a lovely relaxing day on Saturday but by yesterday couldnt really move but decided to have a clear out of all the clothes that no longer fit me because of the steroids! 3 bin bags later I was quite depressed! Today I can feel the effect of my efforts and am aching like crazy and have so many bruises all over my legs! (This is common for me when I do too much). So back at work today for a rest!

Hope whereever you are you havent been flooded or blown about too much !



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Oh Angela I wish I didnt know what you mean but I have felt such a fat bloater since I became ill.

I think I have lost a few pounds since I managed to get my dose of Gabapentin down, but my scales arent working so I could just be delusional (for a change he he)

I went to Primark and bought a new winter wardrobe for the rather acceptable sum of £82, it will probably all fall apart by the end of Winter but I think it looks worse trying to cram yourself in clothes that are now too tight. I think I actually look slimmer now I've bought a bigger dress size.

I havent given up giving up hoping I will lose weight, but we need to have pain under control and be relatively mobile for that to be realistic.

Lets just be realistic and kind to oursleves till the horrid weather goes away and we feel better.

I am going to work for 4 hours tomorrow after 10 months absence...............................OMG.

I am hoping that I can re-sync my laptop, (its been so long since it was connected to the mother ship that it wont work :-)


Love Jill x


Hope all goes well for you today Jill. I am sure it will be fine. Let's just wish for a miraculous weather turnaround and more sunshine!!

Still hoping to win the lottery so I can spend winter months somewhere warm lol.




How did work go Jill? C x


Just read this Jill (Tuesday am) and not sure where you are regards the world of work - so I'll just content myself with saying I hope it goes/went well and that you feel refreshed from getting out and meeting people.

From an extreme bloater :-)


Rain and wind sure did put my local area in turmoil. We have loads of roads closed because of flooding. I live really close to the river Thames and it has burst it's banks.

Thankfully I live far enough away from it not to have the house flooded but feel for the people whos homes have been effected. Even part of Oxford has been flooded so that is how bad we have had it round here. Looks like the water is subsiding now though so roads nearly back to normal.

On the weight front I am the opposite and struggle to keep weight on. I had a steroid injection rather than pills along with Azathioprine which is really starting to make a huge differnce. Haven't had mouth ulcers for a few weeks and only 1 bad headache last week.

It must be so frustrating for you hun to be struggling with your weight due to steroids.

C x x


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