Omega 3 and gammolinoleic acid for Behcets?

Hi there Community. My son who is 25 has been diagnosed just last summer as having Behcets .Having read about a successful non medical small trial (of 3 people) we are now in the process of trialling for ourselves : Omega 3 fatty acid via linseed/flaxseed oil ( as we are vegetarian we dont do fish oil) and hemp oil ( the food grade not the getting high stuff!) for its gammalinoleic acid ( powerful antiinflammatory with some proven medical track record). Omega 3 are reckoned to be routinely deficient in modern diet and being indicated for lots of conditions so we decided it was good to give a go. Has anyone on here tried these oils to help with their Behcets? Since taking the oils for a few weeks my son had come off his colchicine and not gone into a flare so we are cautiously wondering if this is in fact truly doing something! It could be coincidence but he had been in a low grade flare for months before while on the Colchicine so certainly worth monitoring. There are no bad side effects and many benefits to many areas of the body and brain/nervous system etc to these two oils so I would be really happy to share experiences with other folk who have done this or with anyone else who wanted to join us in our little one man experimental trial.

Liz and Jamie

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  • Seems too good to be true. Would be amazing if it were that easy! All the best hopes for your son. Please keep us updated.

  • I myseif wouldn't trust taking my daughter off all her meds to trial Omega 3, in case it didn't work and would take a long time for the meds to get back in her system, it's not possible. Good luck on your trial though and hope it works out for your son x

  • yes I totally get that , we didnt come off the meds but put the oil in alongside and noticed symptoms that were still there even with the meds ( colchicine seems to keep Jamie in a state of low grade flare rather than periods of being o.k and then a chronic flare without it). He has been told to use colchicine as needed so it was easy for us to drop it off, continue the oils and see what happens . If the sypmtoms come back he can go straight back on to the colchicine. This disease is so random and inconsisitent and tricky and of course needs a ton more research. Anyway very good luck to you and there would be totally only benefits in adding the two "good oils" to your daughter's ( or any "normally healthy persons diet ) diet alongside the meds as a support thing anyway and just see if anything changes. I dont believe this needs medical approval as you are basically adding a food stuff but no harm in double checking with your doctor. There is no medical evidence it works so the doctors cant really offer suggestions on it . As say it is really early days for us in seeing what this might do and it could all just be coincidence! Good luck ot you and yours :)


  • Yes def worth trying but my daughter is on so many drugs it would be to risky xx

  • Oh bless. What a load for you to carry as a mum. I really wish you well. :) X

  • YES! Ive been pushing a sugarfree (inflammatory) anti inflammatory diet (salmon (omega 3's) nuts good fats etc) on everyone here. I truly believe it is what turned my life around.

    I eat meats/seafoods, good fats, and actual vegetables. That's it. Nothing from a box and no sugar. Not even fruit. Never felt better. I actually have been thinking about discontinuing my half dose of colcrys, but just am not ready for that mentally yet.

    As for your other point with managing this disease with your son (28 F here myself) Stress and lack of proper sleep are my triggers. If i sleep poorly for more than 2 days in a row- I get ulcers and joint pain off the bat. If I am stressed (and its usually people) I will get ulcers within a few hours. I have managed my stress VERY effectively through: communicating clearly with my partner, exercise (heavy weights) and making sure I get adequate sleep. I keep a very open social schedule with very very little social engagements. If i go out too much and "overdo it" Ill get myself tangled up in a small flare.

    Someone else here has posted their insights about arachidonic acid which in turn has a role with omega 6's and inflammation. Something else to look in, just saying.

    Please feel free to look at my other posts from my profile as I have posted what I eat and I am sure you can find similarities between your diets and mine!

    TAKE CARE! :)

    and update us!

  • awesome post and reply thanks so much. And very encouraging so will pass on to my son :) His main presenting things are also joint pains and ulcers/pustules so could be another good boost to him to look at all the things you have.! Thanks again

  • This is almost exactly what I do to manage my behcet's as well and can totally vouch for an anti-inflammatory diet (cutting out refined sugar is key-I do eat fruit). The only thing I would add is that I try to only have red meat once a week as red meat is actually quite inflammatory (especially pork). I stopped eating it completely for 9 months but then got anaemic, so now have it once a week which is fine for me. I've found over time that knowing my stress triggers really helps with avoiding flares and getting enough sleep.

  • This is awesone to know and many many thanks. So encouraging to think we may be on the right track. Thanks so much for posting.

  • Dear Liz and Jamie, all I can say if it's working don't change and possibly don't question, WHY. For many of us it can be something we have eliminated from our diet, reducing the amount of stressed in our lives or more sleep. Enjoy the moment and I hope it continues for years to come. I have a daily Omega 3 intake but no real change, although I think I have less wrinkles, HA. xx

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