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Feet and Shoes

I went to a podiatrist yesterday, she was very good and said that she would be spending the weekend reading up on Behcets.

What was really interesting is that she spied my favorite shoes that I have been wearing to appointments for the past 18 months. They are closed in at the front but have no back. She said that I am using (clenching) my toes to keep the shoes on and that as I have nerve damage already to my feet it is the worst thing I could be doing. Around the house I've been wearing Crocs. She wasn't really happy with that but could see how the cushioning would help. The important thing is I have to start wear closed in shoes or a strap.

Hope this helps someone.


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oh bloody hell, Les, so it's got to your feet now! No escape, is there? Today is a bad day for me - well the past couple of weeks have been to tell the truth. Was it wrong of me to be pleased when my blood results came back completely abnormal? I need to see these things as 'proof' really. Silent disease and all that.

I'm feeling sorry for myself - will crawl back under the duvet and have a look to see if I left my smile there ;-)


So sad to hear you are not so well, but still smiling. I have found that the best thing to do is to shake yourself up and straighten your back and get on with things. I know this sounds impossible sometimes, as I often feel like crawling back to bed myself. Your blood test results should have alerted the doctors that there is something wrong and you should get some treatment and start to feel better. All the best. x


Hi Di

As I say we sound so much alike. I'm holding my breath that my blood tests come back OK because the MTX is making me feel so good. I've done heaps of work today (mainly on the computer) - hope I haven't overdone it.

I think the problem in my feet came from Thalidomide. Apparently it is supposed to take years - it took about six months to do some damage to the nerves. I don't want to put anyone off who is taking it I don't think it happens to everyone but that is why you have to get the nerve conduction studies done on a regular basis.

Hope you are feeling better tomorrow - if the MTX works like it did last week I'll probably be feeling off all day.



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