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Headaches and high temperature

I've a huge headache today that's forced me to stay in bed all day. I'm worried that It's a behcets headache and the sign of things to come. To date my headaches have been once every 8 weeks and not so severe to disable me like this. This time however i do have a temperature of 38.9 and have a cough and achy arms and legs which makes me think this is a virus rather than behcets. What do you think? Are your headaches accompanied by a temperature?


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I do get a temperture and headaches with aching everything, but they are not very high tempertures. But since you have a cough it sounds as if you may be coming down with something.

Best discuss it with your doctor, particularly as the headaches are frequent. Also, if you are immune suppressants as this can make infections or virus's a lot worse than they would be normally.

Hope you feel better soon


I have exactly the same today. I normally get a behcet headache every 6 weeks or so. They interrupt my day but are not debilitating. However, since yesterday I've had aches and a really high temperature that had put me in bed. Makes me think that it's a mixture of normal behcet's headache and a virus or fever. You posted your message 2 years ago - any more similar episodes since then? Any link between your headaches and a fever?



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