DLA tribunal

DLA tribunal

After an exhausting 18 months fighting with the DWP to get my DLA care component. As in with my Behcets I have neurological and joint problems and many other health problems. Today I had my tribunal. To say it went wrong is an understatement. I knew I was in trouble when told Behcets is unknown in Britain and I cant have it. Even though I am half Turkish. Then asked how it affected me. I have limited cognitive function, zilch memory recall and could not think of a thing to say. Even though it has robbed me of my independance, my future as a nurse after beginning training and my husbands who had to give up nurse training to look after me. In the end and after a near 1 hr grilling whereby my legs where going into spasm I was told I could get low rate but that this would be revised in 6 months. Please when fighting the DWP get a welfare rights person to help you. Every local authority has one. I couldnt even remember to tell them why I stay in bed all day- because I have constant exhaustion. Photo is me in my student nurse uniform. Now a distant dream.

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  • Oh I feel for you as this sounds so much like me. I had an assessment and they wouldn't believe anything. They had me doing crazy exercises and I said it was fine on a good day but on a bad day I would not be able to get out of bed! Total waste of time and I got nothing from them. They just think you're trying it on!

  • I've just recently put in for it as well and even though i can vary from day to day they said i couldn't have it. I have recently lost my job through it all as well. The forms they make you fill in all go on about mobility but not all illness/diseases affect your mobility. It's the other things such as the ulcers, pain, toilet issues and also the constant tiredness, headaches and side effects of drugs, catching viruses and infections as well. They do make you feel like your trying it on i agree, I hope this all works out for you but it's nice to know that there are people out there who understand what I'm going through.

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