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Breast augmentation surgery

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Hi, my daughter is wanting breast augmentation while taking Azathioprine, no clinic will attempt the surgery without her specialists go ahead, she has emailed her clinic to be seen, but has anybody with Behcets ever had cosmetics surgery, if so could you let me know the pros and cons of the surgery please. Thank you. Ps.

She has been in remission for a good while now. 😁

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Hi Tamirra, I have Behcets and had Breast Augmentation done 10 years ago. At the time I didn’t know I had Behcets and the surgery didn’t go as well as it should have. Unfortunately 5 hours after being discharged I was rushed back to hospital and kept in over night. A year later I was diagnosed with Behcets as the implants caused me to become very ill which triggered an almighty flare. I then 8 years later had to have them removed. Having them removed was the best thing I have ever done. Please ask your daughter to join the group on Instagram called Breast implant illness which is a real thing where she will be able to read hundreds of women’s experiences including advice from some top Surgeons who also advise against them. I really hope this helps but bear in mind this is only a snippet of my story 😭 x

Hi Tamirra, I've not had cosmetic surgery but I have had many operations for skin cancers and ruptured tendons. In most of the operations I've had complications due to abnormal inflammatory responses, wound breakdown and infection. Some skin grafts that have broken down have taken more than five months to heal! As a result my surgeon is reluctant to operate unless absolutely necessary and my Dermatologist can't treat the lesions. My Behcet's team have advised me to avoid surgery if possible. As I said I know it's not cosmetic surgery but I thought this info would help. I was taking Azathioprine at first, then it was changed to Mycophenolate Mofitil and I am now on Stelara. The problems continued the same on each medication.

Hi there, I’ve had many surgeries over the last 5 years for different medical needs (foot and ankle reconstruction, sinus, bowel) and I have had no end of dreadful experiences and issues during and after the operations from abnormal inflammatory and pain responses, issues with healing and infection, nerve reactions and damage etc. I could write a book… And I would say none of my surgeries have been particularly successful and caused a lot of flares, pain and distress. I appreciate there are many needs for cosmetic surgery but personally with BD I would steer clear of any surgery unless it’s really needed.

Having an auto immune disease may make it likely that her body will react to the implants & flare her disease. Not advisable at all.

I encourage your daughter to do extensive research.

Well worth her time to read thru this link.....

I Had My Breast Implants Removed: Here's How I'm Doing Now

All the best,


Hi I take azathioprine as I have Bechets and recently had a tummy tuck and eye lift. The surgeon just asked me to stop taking the azathioprine two weeks before surgery and not to take until 2 weeks after. They used a special dressing which kept the wounds drier and no issues. I am on a Keto diet which is anti inflammatory and really think this helped.

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