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Flare ups around menstrual cycle


Does anyone experience a flare up right before menstrual cycles? Lately this has been happening and my doctors cannot figure out why.

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Hi Niki318,

Yup, nearly all of my worst BD flares happened around my period every month. On the plus side, now that I've gone through menopause, my BD has gone quiet -- yayyy! It doesn't happen for every woman, unfortunately, but maybe it will give you some hope (I got my first BD symptoms when I was 23, and I'm 63 now.)

Here's a 2018 article from a medical conference. It's called:

"AB1163  My behcet’s disease and my menstruation cycle: observation from an irish cohort"

You can find it here for free: ard.bmj.com/content/77/Supp...

Hope that helps,

Joanne Z.

in reply to jzeis

Thank you so much!

This helps me a lot! I also got diagnosed at 23, I am 25 now and still trying to learn the ins and outs of Behçet’s disease!

Yep. Totally linked for me too. I've been told by Behcets clinic here in UK menopause may well sort me too...

Yes! Spoke to my rheumy about this at my list appointment. She told me that it was to do with hormones. No advice on how to deal with it though.

Same here . Might be worth asking about progesterone only mini pill it’s been excellent and successfully stopped symptoms.

Yes I get the worst vaginal sores around my period and once I was so sick I guess from the stress of being sick for so long I didn’t get my period for a month and a half

Yes - I posted something similar and it was unanimous that symptoms are worse in relation to hormonal cycles.

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