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Sleep walking during flare ups


Hey all! I am still wondering if anyone else experiences sleep walking episodes while they are having a flare up. Or, “odd” behavior during flare ups, like not remembering things, talking to things that aren’t there but not remembering it (other people have witnessed it). Desperately looking for others who have sleep walking problems. 😢

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I do and tend to when the flares are ramping up to be bad.

It’s an odd thing I also sometimes think I see things out of the corner of my eye.

Figured it was just me.

Has it caused you any trouble so far?

Take care


Lgunter in reply to Papapickle

I have been injured many times sleep walking and yes, I do often see things out of the corner of my eye. I say to my husband, “Did you see that”? And he looks at me strange. I am afraid to even tell people the things that happen because they will think I’m insane

Papapickle in reply to Lgunter

Yeah I felt the same. So stopped talking about it too.

It is real though and must be some trick or the eye when flaring.

I think it’s ok to be a bit mad sometimes. Things like this are part of our new uniquenesses.

Always here if you want to chat.

Take care


Legomum in reply to Lgunter

Are you taking higher doses of steroid during the flares as their side effects include things like this?

Lgunter in reply to Legomum

I don’t take any steroids during flare ups. My rheumatologist does not believe in treating me with steroids.

No sleep walking here. A bit forgetful sometimes. I hope you are trying to stay stress free and try to relax & stay calm. It seems to help me

It is hard to remove stress, but you are right, the less stress the better. Thanks for your reply.

I have to confess to being a sleep walker, although I’ve never noticed that it is worse during a flare. One of the things we have attributed it to is that the increase in pain medication or any meds that make me drowsy tend to increase the nocturnal ramble. Most embarrassing!

Lgunter in reply to lesleyg

Thanks for you reply. What’s confusing for me and my docs is that I am literally not changing anything except the fact that my flare up started. My flare ups fit a pattern every single month. It starts the same, it is the same throughout and ends the same. It’s like a period. Well, I see a sleep specialist on November 5 th. We will see

Be very interested to see what the sleep doctor says. Cheers Lesley

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