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Food Allergy

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Hi folks my wife has been diagnosed with behcets but they are still unsure and want to do further tests constant painful throats and ulcers on her mouth. Nodules excuse spelling on elbows and now appearing on her toes. Constantly tired and was warned by someone to keep away form chocolate as this is a trigger.

My wife had chocolate midweek and ate a millionare cake at the weekend along with a bag or revel sweets chocolate covered. She now feels awful and are glad we are off to see her specialist on Thursday anyone else had problems with chocolate. ????

2 Replies
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Try to avoid Dairy and Gluten. See my other posts. Plenty of good simple food - fruit, veg and meat, oats etc. Plenty of dairy free options out there now - same with Gluten. Hope she starts to feel better soon.

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Hi there, scientist and Behcet's "sufferer" over here. It's the sugar. I went through this myself. Sugar is really inflammatory. If I was near or in a flare and ate sugar, I would get ulcers within hours. Cut all sugars, even "natural" for the time being...she is in a state of inflammation. You can work fruit in later. Ever since I went sucrose free, I was able to stop all my meds and am now healthy. I havent had an ulcer since last year...and it was when I ate sugar. So taking that incident out, its actually been over two years.

So what does that mean to eat? Meat, fats, and vegetables (no beets or carrots or corn). The lower the carb, the better. I wish I had done this "simple" diet change literally was what turned my life around. I felt a difference after about 10 days. I am now healthy enough to include some low sugar fruit now.

Feel free to check my other posts from clicking on my name as I go more in depth about what to eat and why.

Good luck!

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