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Licorice root & food triggers

Has anyone ever tried to follow up a roybd of prednisone with licorice root (DGC tablets) ?

I tried colchicine with out success. Now I'm on azothiaprine (4wks) waiting for the full effects (8-12 wks) to see if it will work.

My main problem is mouth ulcers (when that flats my joints do too), since February the only time I don't have ulcers is when I'm on prednisone. I hate prednisone and my mouth ulcers!

I have narrowed down a few food items that instantly, literally instantly cause mouth ulcers (on or off prednisone) which are colas (not 7Up or anything like it, just colas) and chocolate.

So I'm wondering if anyone else ha tried licorice root with even a tiny bit of success??

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I found methotrexate reduced my mouth ulcers to one every few months, I take licorice root to help with fatigue, can't say I have noticed an improvement though. Zinc, vitamin B, Quercetin and a good amino acid supplement are supposed to help with ulcers, I take all of these too. Good luck.

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Stay away from beans and lentils in general. They are a good sources of proteins. Unfortunately, they are not good for people with the BD. In my case, I have eaten once a lot of lentils and the following morning my tongue was badly swollen with mouth ulcers. They only type of beans that seem to agree with me are tofu (made of soy beans), black beans, green peas, and "Eda" bean. For me, who can not eat meat, except poultry and fish, there are good source of protein provided that I take them in reasonable quantities.

Good luck

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Thank you that is so interesting. That will definitely be something I figure or soon. Because we eat Tons of different beans. Hopefully I don't have a problem with them!


Only a suggestion. I used to have horrendous mouth ulcers 25-30 at any one time. I stopped using every day toothpaste and changed to Aloe Vera Forever Bright without Floride. If you can't get that find a natural toothpaste, have a go for a month and see what happens. I also take Merc Sol 30c which is a homeopathic remedy which works for me. Not saying it will have the same effect for you but worth a try and no side effects as it is all natural. Since changing to this 2 years ago have had no real problems with ulcers. All the best xx


Thank you


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