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Genital itching - please help!

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Hi everyone!

For yeeeeaaaars I’ve had, what I assumed was, a yeast infection. It’s been coming and going and in the beginning I could treat it with over the counter medicine but for the last year and a half, nothing has helped me. I recently gathered the courage to go to my gynecologist who agreed it looked like a yeast infection and she took some tests. Turns out it wasn’t a yeast infection and the itching (both inside and outside) is driving me absolutely insane, plus it’s also giving me tiny, painful wounds down there. My doctor doesn’t know what it is and doesn’t seem like she’s willing to find out either.

Is this behcets-related? Has anyone experienced the same? And how, oh please tell me how, do I make it stop?!?

Thankful for all of you


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Sounds familiar...Try a 1% Hydrocortisone Ointment I have found its the only way to get any relief.. and soft soap for showering. Hope this helps, it's horrid.

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Stm252 in reply to razceiand

The Gyn told me not to use hydrocortisone in the vaginal or anal area for more than a day or two at a time because it can cause thinning of the tissues. Just FYI ;)

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razceiand in reply to Stm252

Yes that is the advise for anything containing cortisone, also don't use on open wounds. Once i got the itch under control the first sign of next lot irritation i only have to use it once or twice. Behcets seems to be made up of a lot of these horrid problems... good luck with it.

Hi. I have had this. I stopped using all soap as this made things worse. Use a natural product if you can tea tree, coconut as soothing. I then use Trimovate Cream sparingly as steroid. Also in my underwear I put in a thin liner towel as this also helps. Always wear pants with cotton gusset as this also helps. All the best xx

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gillianTS in reply to 2106

This is something I used to have a lot and like you did not speak to anyone about but did lots of research and being a huge fan of alternative therapy I have to agree with tea tree it is a great product I have used for decades, I have used it mixed in luke warm water, it needs a really good shake to mix it together and shake before each use, and don't put too much tea tree oil in the water, I have usually used a plastic sterile bottle with squirty top. I have used internally when mixed up thoroughly with something like sudocrem or carrier oil and put on a small tampon and inserted for an hour or longer, if irritated remove. If you try please do not use too much oil just a few drops and try on you skin first on you wrist or somewhere delicate. You can always increase the amount of oil used if you feel the need.

Some other suggestions here which are home remedies for bacterial vaginosis but are very useful in your situation, have also used the yogurt method many years ago.


I was told by a gynaecologist not to use any form of soap on the inside labia or vagina only on the outside.

I rarely get this now but when I do I always go back to the above, and if I am away from home I do use vagisil or the other including using on a tampon. I too Also light pads, in times when I have had an issue it it much easier when away from home to change the pad several times a day.

Hope you can find some relief soon.

Hi like you I suffered with this problem for years & always thought it was thrush due to regular antibiotics for skin ulcers. I ended up hospitalised with it which is when all my different symptoms & blood tests led to my diagnosis of Behcęts. I couldn't use any soaps because of the ulcers in that area & eventually found the best relief was gained by bathing the area with salt water every 4 hours. I always now wear cotton underwear with an unscented pantyliner. I also use vagisil every day when showering as it's specially ph balanced for that area. Although I do still get outbreaks they have never been so severe & I go straight back to salt water bathing which helps immediately. I do hope this is of some help. It is such a painful problem & can be so distressing. All the very best. XX

was also going to recommend coconut oil. it soothes it really well. also to get on acidophilus probiotic. vagina health is gut health. once i started probiotics, my down stairs issues stopped.

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Stm252 in reply to rooser1

Agree with coconut oil. I also place ice on it for numbing the itch. A pelvic floor therapist recommended this to me.

I was prescribed synalar ointment which really helped. Bathing, fresh air, cotton under wear are all good things. Best wishes

Could be due to low oestrogen? If that’s a possibility and you do not already supplement it, you could ask your doctor to check the levels and consider giving you topical Hormones.

I found out that I have a yeast intolerance or allergy. I experience symptoms even if there is only one yeast cell present (doc showed me the slide). No doctor would say it’s a “yeast infection” because technically it isn’t, my body is just hypersensitive to it. I was prescribed fluconazole to take daily for a week or two until symptoms subside. It’s been y saving grace. Prior to this treatment I’ve experienced yeast infections for a year or more at a time, because it’s resistant to typical treatments. I hope you find some relief. I feel your pain.

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