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Hey there

Hey I'm Danielle I'm 35 and from Cardiff, I'm self employed as a childminder and a mum to 1 child. I was diagnosed about 2.5yrs ago but I've known since I had my daughter in 2010, my body change and I felt different not how I used to, I'd ache all the time my joints were sore (they've been sore since about 2001 roughly) headaches got way worse and ulcers at least twice a month at least and I'd have them all over my mouth, had quite a few genital ones all at once, they thought herpes until I said there was no way and they were dead wrong, that was about 2 yrs ago attend what helped with diagnosis and sadly yesterday I noticed another flare-up 😭 painful is an understatement also I've had a flare up of mouth ulcers and had a horrid one for the last 3 weeks and not much sign of it going soon.....

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Have you been prescribed any medication?


Please keep a food diary.

Coffee chocolate dairy tea ...mouth ulcers.

Alkaline foods.


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