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hi all out of hospital now iwas in for 10 days now been put on metotrixate and been put back on coloccine as well I was on colocinne for 3years with no effects on my condition I'm coming to the end of my lastest ulcer flare up only had about 4/5 ulcer free weeks this year my arthritis flare up is realy bad hands swollen and getting spaims in my back neck and shoulders along with a lot of stiffness does any one else have these conditions getting out of bed and chairs are a nightmare got a weird way of managing but it works I'm hoping my new meds help I'm also getting put on something called T N F is any one else on this and has it worked I would be gratefull for any replies to this thanks in advance bob

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  • I was put on methotrexate back in October, and this has had no real effect on my symptoms to start with. The consultant then upped my dosage and I seem to have calmed down a lot now, currently just have a few ulcers.

    I am currently on 20mg of methotrexate. Let is know how it goes.

  • Have no advice to give, just wishing you better health onwards. x

  • Hi Bob, sorry to hear you are suffering. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 14 years old. I'm now 31 and have been recently diagnosed with Behcets disease. For my arthritis I was on methotrexate for many years, it did make me feel quite sick but this was only on the day/day after I took it, however, taking folic acid can help if you have this side effect. It controlled my arthritis very well. During a particularly bad flare I was put on humira as well which is an anti TNF drug (assume this is what you meant by TNF?) which also worked very well, I had no side effects with this one. The only reason I stopped the methotrexate was because my husband and I wanted to try for a baby and you have to be off of the drug for at least 6 months prior. Unfortunately as this Behcets has reared its ugly head that's now on hold and I may have to go back on it, but even though it made me feel a little sick the pros outweighed the cons so have no reservations taking it again to get myself better. Hang on in there - methotrexate can take up to 12 weeks to get properly into your system. I was taking 20mg weekly. Hope this helps answer your question. If there's anything else I can answer please feel free to ask. Wish you better soon. Jo

  • Guide to treatments here: behcets.org.uk/wp-content/u...

    Good luck

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