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I recently decided to stop taking colchicine because I was experiencing hair loss.. Which I am not okay with.. And was wondering if anyone has some suggestions for natural supplements to help!? I already take probiotics, fish oil, garlic and echinacea... I'm still going to ask my specialist what she thinks in terms of other medications to take but would like to bring up some other natural things to her and see what she thinks. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  • You could consider turmeric. If you use the powdered spice it's supposed to be most effective as a 'golden milk' drink with oil and black pepper. I prefer use the fresh root in smoothies and cooking.

  • I would skip the pepper

    This nightshade is a problem

  • Black pepper is not a nightshade, and neither are other members of the piperaceae family such as white pepper and pink peppercorns. Chilli peppers, sweet peppers and paprika, however, are nightshade family.

  • Your right, I meant lectin. Its early on the east coast :)

  • What about lectin? Can't see the connection with black pepper - but it is getting late in the West Midlands ;-)

  • either straight coconut oil or adding CLA(conjugated linoleic acid). i liked arginine to help with blood circulation but have stopped due to exercise kind of doing that for me. i also take vitamin d. i'm a big fan of anti inflammatory diet/ going sugar free/processed food free as well as it worked wonders for my bd. i am on half a dose of colcrys right now, i may or may not give it up- depends how i feel mentally about it.

  • Taking coenzyme Q10 Fultium vitD and turmeric lassi daily....getting on fine with it

  • I love coconut oil. I just started drinking green tea. I heard that helps BD. I can't take the CO straight, so I used to put it in my coffee. So up coffee...still tastes pretty good in tea. I also cook/bake everything in CO.

    Ever tried iodine? I was just mentioning it to another member for something else. It can also help with hair loss. I am not sure if there are any BD benefits, but it helps just about everything else.

    I also take ACV daily. Keeps my joint pain away.

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