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I have pain in my right eye (newly diagnosed) and saw a neuro ophth. doc today. Everything looked fine during the extensive examination

and my fluorescein angiogram came back looking normal, along with a b-scan test from two weeks ago. She thinks it's pain related to vasospasm that wouldn't harm my vision, just cause pain. The only last thing is to have an M.R.I. of orbital plane of my eye. What do you think? Does any of this sound familiar? Thanks.

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Hi, as a sufferer of BD for 28 years I'm just writing to say that I have had many, many symptoms over the years and all kinds of test, scans, X-rays and they have always come back negative or non definitive. Of course also back then they didn't even think it was due to BD as there was not enough known about the disease. Now with more knowledge and sites like this things have changed immensely. I say this as when I read the questions on the site I realise that all those years ago my symptoms were obviously due to BD. I have often had painful eyes and watery and of late my eyesight is getting worse especially in dim light. Been to my opthamologist who says there is nothing wrong.......who knows!!!!

Anyway try not to worry either way as it is just another idiocy of this disease and worry and stress do not help. As long as you are seeing the right doctors and getting the tests I'm sure all will be well. My original doc used to say Behcets is a disease of many diseases and I must agree. It does at times seem to mimic other illnesses in symptoms but not degeneration although there are patients who have sever BD from the onset with degeneration, hopefully you like me are one of the lucky ones.

Do take care and try to rest.

Hugs and Smiles


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Thank you, Billi. You really have been helpful and this reply had insight into BD that I needed.


No probs anytime. If you are ever worried or down please contact me on private message if you wish and I will try to help and at least lend an ear.

Take care

Billi x


You are very kind. Thank you.


Hi rose 138 i to am recently diagnosed and have been suffering with intense piercing eye pain on and of in my right eye.saw the consultant at the eye hospital. have dry eyes due to sjogrens syndrome alongside behcets consultant gave me the all clear after numerous tests but stressed that if i suffered continued blurry vision to return a.s.a.p. hope this helps to way lay any anxiety you have...


Hello , Rose:

I live with BD for nearly 35 years. I was diagnosed around 24 years of my age .

I went through almost all the symptoms that are described in the context of disease.

I was lucky - and for about 15 years had a remission , punctuated with a few quick spurts and especially in the digestive organs ever listed them with BD . But all belonged to the same frame . The BD controls organisms where it is revealed .

Two years ago - and suddenly , after months of much stress , I fell to the side and was attacked in his eyes . Brain ( lesions) and eyes ( uveitis ) .

I've been in treatment - 1 year - out of the day to day work , taking colchicine , prednisolone and ciclosporine .

At the end of this year - appeared to me falls which left me almost without seeing the end of 6 months.

However, I was operated successfully for 1 month ago , the two eyes .

I see very well now - but I know that outbreaks of uveitis will continue to appear.

If I can help , I'm here .

A friendly warning - for those who have BD :

1 - No stress , no stress , no stress ever. Not facilitate .

2 - Rose - is essential - in all that relates to the eyes - treat yourself with an ophthalmologist specialist in immunology.

All the best .



So sorry you've been through so much these past two years but am glad that your operation was successful. I'm seeing a specialist in immunology and uveitis, thankfully. Thankful for this. Thankful for your concern and advice, too.


Good news, Rose:

We have to look for encouragement. The BD turns us into beings resistant. And we must accept it. But you're gonna have a happy life - even with BD. We have to learn to be happy at all times when we feel better. All the best for you.

We who share the BD beings are tougher because mair often than not we can explain to our human inability to certain tasks or functions. So we need courage and understanding by those who love us.



Such a powerful, life-affirming comment that I'm letting sink deep into my soul. My attitude (which is half the battle or more) is headed in the right direction once again and I thank you for sharing.


Ponjo..... very wise comment!


Wow, Ponjo! Wish I'd said that. There's lots of wisdom to be found on this site but your comment is up there with the best. Thank you, it's food for thought.



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