Painful vein / blood vessels on lip

Painful vein / blood vessels on lip

Has anyone else experienced painful blood vessel or vein on the lips? Seeing the rheumatologist tomorrow as follow up to my September appointment wondering should I mention it? I have a December appointment at the centre of excellence and will be taking my iPad with a slideshow of all the ulcerated parts I've suffered over past 6 months.

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  • How did you get on? This is a link to our Factsheet on mouth ulcers

  • Hi , UKADMIN sorry I only just noticed your reply!

    I have been Diagnosed with incomplete behcets , Sod's law - I had only photos of my ulceration, then literally 3 days later I had an outbreak of ulcers under the tongue (on the frenulum), bottom of mouth under tongue and also on gum line & lips.

    Luckily my GP spoke with me over the phone and has now put soluble steroids on repeat prescription, so at least I have a stock of them to use as mouthwash.

    The scalp lesions were considered not to be specially related as such, (but they will see what the dermatologist concludes when I see her in 2 weeks time) but I did post my scalp picture on here and others have had , or suffered the same.

    Makes you wonder if it's a variation of the illness that hasn't been considered or discovered yet?

    The surgeon taking the punch biopsy commented that she would say it's definetly behcets related , from her past experience.

    So I await the results. I understand there's nothing different in what I have been diagnosed with and potentially the scalp lumps/sores redefining the diagnosis into full Behçet's as far as treatment is concerned, as we all know there's no magic cure, just medication to treat the symptoms.

  • Good luck with your forthcoming appointments and keep in touch.

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