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Painful knuckles


Anybody recognizes this? I only get it on my right hand, only over the knuckles and the finger joints. Seems to come and go with my mouth ulcers. It’s quite painful and bleeds a surprising amount! Doctor says it’s just dry skin from the cold weather but has no explanation for it being only one hand and only the knuckles 🤷🏽‍♀️ Lotion isn’t helping so far 😅

Appreciate any help I can get ❤️

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I have this on 1 finger and also my forehead. Have tried creams but nothing works. I do feel it gets worse when I am feeling out of sorts. Will be interesting to see if anyone else gets it.

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It looks a bit like some of the lesions I get - it could be the blood vessels around the knuckle that are getting inflamed and or blocked. Do they break down into larger, difficult to heal lesions? Lesley

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Yes! The real deep ones seem to scar as well :/

Both my husband and daughter have experienced joint pain and swelling in their hands related to Behcet’s. My husband has experienced erythema nodules similar to what you are showing. His mainly manifest on his legs. Colchicine and steroids have been the most effective to treat. Hope this helps.

Hi Stin4

I get these type of lesions on my back and shoulders. It seems to begin with a feverish type ache and then an itch (these symptoms then makes me aware there’s something amiss) the long scratch type lesions look like they have been gouged into skin with a mini Lino cutting tool😬- GP’s response “dry skin and excoriations from repeated scratching” Given that there are some areas that are impossible to reach and ‘scratch’ I tend to disagree with that comment. However, prescribed Elocon (mometasone furoate) cream to apply! Seems to take the soreness away and helps re-moisturise the skin around.

Just another manifestation of this peculiar disease-perhaps?

Not much help - but perhaps helpful to know you’re not alone with odd symptoms. 😌

Hoping it resolves soon- as hands are more exposed than back so not as easy to heal...


I am suffering with exactly the same thing at the moment on both hands , I've tried all the creams including steroids ones and nothing seems to ease it

My GP has said its probably linked to the systemic inflammation throughout body

Since being on Infliximab a few of my symptoms have calmed down a bit , but the hands are ongoing unfortunately

Good luck


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