Behçet and rheumatoid arthritis

I am sixty-two years old have been fighting against the Behçet disease for thirty-five years. I had inflammations in the eyes which were treated with cyclosporine until the attacks successfully subdued, nevertheless I continue to drink Colchicine. In addition to the eyes' inflammations, I had skin inflammations, which had to be operated immediately to remove the pus and cysts of various sizes, for which I still get treatment until today, but to a lesser extent . Three month ago and all of a sudden my feet's joint begun to hurt with an inflammation, which looked very much like an lymphoedema. I consulted with my cardiologist and my nephrologist who agreed that the symptom may have been cause either by sudden increase in blood pressure or worsening of the kidney functions. Tests revealed that my heart is stable with present medications and no changes were find in the functions of my kidneys.

My question: should I consult with a rheumatologist? Is it common for my age to these kind of arthritis flares?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Solbs :)

    I would go see rheum. Will all going on they could add clairity and most of all help. Bringing you to a more comfortable place.

    :) ash

  • Ash, rhank you😃

  • Im surprised you already don't have a rhuematologist in the mix already. There are a few blood tests that they can run that can determine whether it is Rhuematoid arthritis or intermittent arthritis from BD. Either way, drugs are about the same. RA is genetic so be sure to look into family history.

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks! It is very informative.👍

  • Hello, apologies for the delay, are you UK based ? as there are three centres of excellence for Behcets sufferers if you are, they are brilliant and pull in various specialists (kidney, eye, skin) as well as rheumatologists to get our illness and symptoms under control.

  • Unfortunately, I in Japan. Please accept my belated thanks anyway. My cardiologist (an excellent doctor, who also became a good friend) have introduced me to his colleague rheumatologist in the same hospital. This rheumatologist has been treating many patients over a number of years with good results I am told. I have an appoint his her on the 19th.

    Thank you again!


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