I'm doing a lot of research on the internet for 12 years sick of Behçet, a number of international studies have in common the same complaints, in short, we are living in the same fate, everybody would like to get healthy, I hope that an effective treatment for Behçet's disease are available. You can follow me to the web address To

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  • hastaligim boyunca aft, üveit, vucut lezyonlari, eklem agrilari, kolonda tutulum, nedeni tam bulunamayan gezici agrilar devam etmekte, behçet le mücadeleye devam

  • Thank you for sharing. Would you be interested in being a Turkish translator on a Facebook group to support Asian and African patients? We aim to operate in English, French, Arabic and Turkish and are looking for a Turkish speaker willing to translate.

  • Hi Zebra

    It would be great having someone to help you with the above languages. In the meantime have you tried the instant traslators on the internet. You just copy the text into the appropriate box - I did it for French and was surprised how easy it way.


  • yeterince uygun degilim özellikle is saglik olunca imkansiz

  • zebra i cane be help

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