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Thrush & mouth ulcers & Imuran

Hey everyone! I have had one thing after another for while!

I was on colchicine for 9 weeks with no improvement. Now I've been switched to Imuran (on it now for just under a week) I had a bad finger injury and was on a few weeks of Augmentin for that. A few days ago Thrush started in my mouth (more than likely from antibiotics) and then mouth ulcers started to appear on top of the trush. So painful. Now the ulcers are starting in their normal places again. I HATE prednisone and have only been off it for a week! Has anyone ever had this happen?

What is everyone else's experience with Imuran?

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Hi M82girlygirl

I am so sorry! My heart goes out to you. O am on Imuran amd have not had this reaction. However, try rubbing coconut oil on your tungue and ulcers. It should help clear them up. Also giver your dentist a ring, there is an ointment they can prescibe that will speed healing. As your rheum or GP if you can change to Methlypred instead of prednisone. There are less side effects. And in most cases individuals chemistry vibe better with Methlypred.

Fell better!


Hi M82girlygirl I suffered with continuous mouth ulcers that covered my tongue gums and throat for 5 years. I was eventually diagnosed with Behcet Syndrome. I was put on colchicine and immuran together and they worked almost immediately. So ask your doctor to try both together. I hope this helps as I would hate anyone to go through that pain and suffering. Good luck

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no experience with imuran but a ton with thrush. Nystatin is a children's thrush med that is nice and doesn't taste bad at all. coconut oil is soothing. I would get thrush continuously but usually after a bout of ulcers. get some acidophilus and a multi strain probiotic. Also switch to a candida diet for the time being. This will strengthen the immune system anyways as it cuts all sugars and inflammatory foods (will help with ulcers). Avoid gentian violet. That works amazing for thrush but always gave me ulcers again. fluconazole is also great but honestly only useful imo for "normal" yeast infections.

Gotta fix one problem before the next -just my experience

Good luck babe

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Thanks. I will call my dentist about that cream!


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