Hi all. Has anyone else been prescribed doxycycline at all?? I had a course of 3 months of prednisone which stopped a couple of months ago and I have been take 2 X .5mg of colchicine for about 5 months. My specialist added doxycycline about 3 months ago and I felt so much better for the 2 months I was on it. Fasciulitis much better, no lesions in my hair, minimal mouth blisters/genital discomfort and a massive improvement in my fatigue and joint bone pain and generally overall felt much better. I stopped the doxycycline about 10 days ago and cannot believe how bad I feel. Fasciulitis back with avengence, head sores again, mouth blisters, body aches like you wouldn't believe and the fatigue is back.....

Can't wait to see my specialist Friday and get back on that doxycycline .....!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I take it for my roscacea

  • I was prescribed doxy for my adult acne rosacea. Doxy is one of the few antibiotics that actually decreases inflammation. Ive read about it being used in conjunction with other autoimmune diseases and that it has helped others with joint pain.

    Are you really on 0.5mg of Colcrys per day? That is sort of the "gout remedy." Why did he not prescribe the 0.6mg? They have VERY different binders as well. Ask him about this.

  • I take 2 x 0.50mg of colchicine in the morning and another 2 in the evening ! Seems to be controlling the ulcers well but the doxy must of been really working as anti-inflamm as I have been so much worse with aches and pain and fatigue since it stopped - as well as horrendous fasciulitis

    Thanks - I will ask my specialist

  • I wonder if they can prescribe a different anti inflammatory for you

  • Take regular volatren/disclofinec as well!!

  • Yea I was on .6 twice a day

    I ended up switching to Imuran now

  • Doxycycline was awful on my stomach (when I took it I lost 14 pounds from nausea and vomiting)! It helped things to dissolve it a little over the ulcerations but the second course of the antibiotics I developed anaphylaxis to it... so I might be jaded here but I just don't think it's the best thing

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