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What do the gential sores/lesions feel/look like (female)?

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My symptoms all flared up hard core 3 months ago, at first they thought I had trench mouth so I was prescribed antibotics...i then developed what i thought was a yeast infection because it hurt down there, hurt to wipe, and stung really bad to pee. I had so many thing going wrong me at the same time I didnt pay much attention to it and upped my probiotics (i noticed there wasnt the normal amount of white cottage cheesy stuff as a normal yeast infection but i figured i just caught it early. So it cleared up in about 10 days. Then 3 weeks later i had that painful sensation come back, stung to pee, felt hot and sore, and hurt to wipe...I wasnt on any antiobitcs so i thought it was weird but everything with my body seemed weird so i chalked it up to the antibotics still effecting me from 3 weeks prior (this time i didnt notice any white cottage cheese stuff) and it healed up in like 10 days. The a couple of days ago i had the painful sensation come back and it dawned on me that maybe they werent yeast infections but gentail ulcers (i never looked before cuz i thought i knew what it was...i do remember it oddly hurting more in one specific area but hurting slightly in the general area)..same thing this time, no white stuff, hot, pain when wiping or peeing. It is no where near as painful as the mouth ulcers (not even in the same ball park...its more annoying pain rather then debilitating pain) so i went ahead and looked this morning and the area is defiently red, raw, and rough looking, one specific area maybe the size of the top of my finger is redder but it doesnt have the same ulcer appearance at all as my mouth.....Could this be gential ulcers...just a mild version..sorry about the TMI but doctors have been asking me about the genital stuff and i just keep telling them i had yeast infections so they dismissed it. i go to my first rheum appt on thursday and wonder if i should mention this. Thanks!!

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Hiya sorry you’re having such a horrible time 😢 regarding genital ulcers I’ve had fairly large ones , batches of tiny ones and groups of medium ones and they are always very painful !! I also have another condition called erosive lichen planus this can be pretty nasty but not in the same league as behcets! They can diagnose this with a biopsy .I would mention every symptom at your appointment take photos when u can , it helped me to get my diagnosis and eventual treatment . Good luck hope your appointment goes well 😊

I just looked up the Erosive Lichen Planus and the images, description, and symptoms all seem very similar to what I am experiencing. Were you saying that they are not in the same league of behcets gential ulcers cuz of the pain difference...or where u saying they arent related. I would agree that whatever is going on down there doesnt hold a candle to the mouth pain ulcers. I will for sure mention this wonderful new symptom on Thursday...I was hoping to maintain some pride through out this process but I will have to get over it!

Think they are probably related as both are immune related disorders but for me the erosive lichen planus isn’t as painful as behcets ulcers.the lichen planus tends to be quite big areas of inflamed skin that kind of breaks down then repairs . Lichen planus in the mouth is really sore and can feel like it’s taking over most of my mouth , but again behcets wins on the pain score !!!

lol.....i keep telling people Behcets completely reset my pain scale...lol.

All the best for your appointment 😊 hopefully a firm diagnosis and some sort of treatment Nolan will see things improve for you x

Plan not nolan

Hi there, mine are pretty much exactly as you describe and also confused me at first. I too thought it was a yeast infection. Inflamed, sore and itchy is how I would describe it and sometimes the sores themselves appear later or not at all. Other times, I just get the sores which look a bit like small cuts. It really varies, but for me, it's just all part of Behcet's inflammation. Steroid gel helps the most.

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So doctors did confirm that the symptoms were part of the behcet's? And thank you for sharing, as much as it sucks to realize there is another symptoms i cant predict, it is nice to learn i am not alone and there is hope for healing.

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Hi, they didn’t confirm but didn’t say otherwise either. Pretty sure they just added it to the list of behcet’s symptoms I get. I do find that any inflammation for me tends to be behcet’s related.

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Also, I think behcet’s affects people in such different ways and not all genital sores are the same. I do know when I’m having a behcet’s flare though, and the symptoms above often occur during a flare. I think you just gradually get to know your body really well with this disease!

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And they prescribed the steroid gel which helps.

When my genital ulcers flare up you certainly know about it. I have three scars about 1/2 inch long and they were very concave when active. They are just a larger version of what you get in your mouth. They never heal properly you can always see where they are had mine for 42 years. Most of the time they don’t bother me but if I get really tired I get a gritty feeling and then a burning and I have to use cream to get them under control. I use Trimovate cream. Only use when need it as steroid based and strong.

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