Physical therapy

Physical therapy

I am so disappointed. I went 6 weeks ago to a physical therapist. . Who examined me ,& had asked if I had an mri done? I said. No. He wrote some things down the his form. I called today because it's been 6 weeks since I was there ,& that's because they had to get approval from insurance. Now because my insurance changed to a new provider. I am being told I need to now get a Refferal from my new doctor. I had to switch insurance ,& providers because the Erie clinic Psychiatrist quit! Erie is the clinic though that the 2 doctors, & gynaecolist seen my ulcers ,& the inflamed ulcers inside my lower stomach vaginal area. So they ente me to go see a dermatologist even though I went 2010 had a biopsy done at northwestern hosp. Where the took a Scalpel, & cut off 1 of the ulcers. Now my new doctor didn't want to see the ulcers I have , or inflamed ulcers I have again. She said. She wld like for me to see a dermatologist for this. I called to make an appt. Lady said. Why does your doctor want you to see a dermatologist again. If you've had a biopsy ,& a diagnosis already? I said. I dnt knw? I asked my doctor for a letter for disability. She left me a message saying the forms need to be filled out with exact detail, & it alot of paperwork. My Psychiatrist Did type a letter for me saying because of her condition with behcets syndrome/ disease. She also has depression ,& anxiety with this, &,I feel she can not work a job she shld be able to get disabilty. Then she typed any questions please call ect... my question is. With biopsy, 2 doctors ,&,gynaecolist seeing all my symptoms more than once, a letter from my Psychologist. I have a lawyer from Chicago taking my case. Do you think I have a good chance of getting approved for disabilty? If I get denied. Shld I continue to go to the second stage ,& keep fighting for it ? I dnt knw.

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  • Disability no matter what problem you have is hard to get but bachets can cause memory loss or issues that would help to get disability if this happens

  • Your right. If I have a conversation. I get distracted, I can't remember what we were talying about. When someone is telling me a long story, I get bits ,& pieces trying to gras to remember some of what that person said. If I can even remember who I was told me. I have no ulcers right now Thank God! But my muscles, & joints are killing me (figure of speech) hurting REALLY BAD! GOD BLESS YOU, & YOUR FAMILY!!!=)

  • keep fighting for the disability. my 23 year old son goes on 3-28 for his court hearing in front of the judge. they turned him down two years ago, had to get the attorney finally got to go to the disibility dr and now have a court date. i hate that they just deny everyone. he has three things that are documented that are on the list where you can get benefits. behcets is on there. we are praying it goes thru. he had cancer at 12 and a bone marrow transplant and was immeidately approved for benefits but i made to much money for him to get but a couple of checks. when he was 21 we tried again since my income would not be a factor. we are not rich by any means but you have to be really really poor if you have parents and are under 21. so we will see. hang in there. we were sent from dr to dr and they do that because drs do not know what to do.

  • Thank you for the encouragement! I pray your son gets what he needs, & deserves too!

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