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Hi all just wondering if anyone else has had problems with work im working at mo (or was) I was on sick last week then this morning I ave a phone call to say there terminating my contract even though I ave a sick note which they won't except when u asked y they said they didn't need to give me an explanation an that was that I'm shocked furious hurt I don't know wot I'm going to do xx

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Sorry to hear that, I always thought that an employer was meant to give you a reason for terminating your contract. Have you got a copy of the contract and do they have policies about sick leave etc. I would perhaps seek advice from citizens advice. Keep your chin up, I know it's hard, I am new to all of this but have been off sick for nearly 6 months and consultant has said it will be a bit longer before I can consider retiring. x


I just has to write, I was terminated for my work it was a mutual agreement as I just could not work any longer with Behcets, Addisons and Dercums disease. If you have access to you contract this will give you more leverage, they should by rights off you a pay off. Also if you go to the union they will support you as they did me. I think there are government web pages which will offer advise and CABS always ready to help. They must give you an explanation nothing to do with you sickness. Also they can not dismiss you while you are on a sick note and if they have handed this to you while you are still on a stick note I think you could go down the road of unfair dismissal process. If you need any further information please feel free to email me direct and I will try to help you with any other questions. my direct email is and if you head the subject Termination just so that I know its you and don't delete it thinking its junk mail. There are many people out there which can help you....

Best of luck and take care,

Alison xx


Hey there,

I am just "assuming" your are in U.K? I went through this not long ago with my son. They did not want to take his sick note and next week he sas escorted out the door without reason. Shocking coming fr one a major airline in Canada( and it's not Air Canada). Being mother hen , I immediately called our governing labor board here in Manitoba explaing that he'd never been spoken to or approached by supervisors to correct anything, ever. That he was fired without just cause or explanation and just days after the 3 month probation was completed. Had this major airline answered to our provincial labor board we sould have had them written up on 3 above violations:1) refusal to accept a sick note and you can't fire for being sick , 2) No just cause was given for termination 3) They terminated him in this fashion outside the 3 month window.

It really infuriated me to find out the airlines are governed by the Federal Labor Board which have vague, wishy/washy language that doesn't protect the employee. Sorry for the rant! Please check with your union Rep and/or the labor board who police bad employers!

Good luck;)



Hi there jackamo

It does depend how long you have been with your employer before they have yo give a reason for your termination. If you haven't been there long or was under the probationary period or had been sick on other periods of sickness within a continuous time period. This good the cause of your termination.

But they still should have gone through a formal process....such as previous meeting or letter.

Was your employer aware of your condition and are you classified with them as being disabled.

if you was you may have rights under the Disabilty Discrimination Act. Meaning they would have to try and make adaptations to your work to assist you.

This could be changing the type of work you do or your work environment or other things to assist you with keeping your job.

There is a proper proceedure thay they should follow and if they haven't you maybe able to make a claim to the employment tribunals for unfair dismissal and againgst the Disabilty discrimination act.

As overs have said here you will need to get a copy of your contract of employment and the companies rules for sickness.

If you have a union you will need to contact them as they can assist you with representation. Otherwise there arr the CAB and there maybe solicitors out there who will work for you on a no win no fee basis. A solicitor would be able to give you initial advice and prospects of winning at a one off fee......look for one who specialises in employment law.

Just also to say how sorry i am that you have been put through this and at a time when you really don't need it.

Going to a Tribunal is not a simple thing and can be very stressful but the main thing is to get some advice quickly as there is a time period of 3 months to make a claim.

Good luck and let us know how you get on


Hi, a great free advice helpline which I found invaluable after I was dismissed following 6 months sick leave is ACAS on 0300 123 1100 (8am-8pm M-F & 9am-1pm Sat) and their website is :D


Thank u very much I will give them a ring x


Hi thanks all I looked at my contract an it says if I'm on sick leave for more than 3 days then I need a sick note which I have but they won't accept it also says I need to let them know when I think I will b returning to work which I already done and if they were to do anything it would b a disaplinary which I never got I worked there for 7 months told them all about my conditions an put it on my application form when they foned me they said it was best they let me go an when I get better they would c if a position was available I asked them y they were letting me go because of my disability they got really defensive an said it was not because of that it was cause I was unreliable I was only of 2 days I asked how I was unreliable he then said he didn't ave to give me any explanation cause I hadn't been there long enough I'm fuming xx


Am very sorry to hear this. This doesn't sound at all right. Please get advice from Citizen's Advice Bureau. The fact that you quote they are "terminating your contract" implies you had a contract and there are lots of laws in the uk to protect both the employee and employer in the uk. If you had certified sick leave and were working under a contract, I don't think this can be right but I am not an expert! Without knowing what your role was, how long you had been there and the conditions of your employment / contract it is hard to say. There will be lots of people who can help and advise you. Also, in the meantime, to help you money wise you could phone the benefit helpline or attend your local job centre. Good luck. This is rotten and the extra stress is the last thing you need when you are ill. X


Hi, can't believe you have been treated this way they should be ashamed, try the CAB who can help you with your employer and also benefits you may be entitled to


I was a full time Sign language communicator at a Deaf school. I got sacked for too many short term absences in 2001 when my BD started getting bad. I was told IF I had taken a block of time off sick, I would have had more protection and the school could have found a temp to fill my place. But, because my kids there that I supported were in their final GCSE year, I was going and having IV emergency treatment overnight, and then disconnecting in the hospital and going to school. I thought I was being dedicated, they just perceived it as a nuisance. The Head at the time said he was concerned I might collapse and die on school premises which he could not allow, and he also said my drop in weight to 5 and a half stone made me look noticeably sick and it could upset the kids in school so he fired me after about 2 years of illness. I took a few hours off here and there for hospital appts but the union said I should have just gone sick permanently, for large blocks of time, until I was recovered....but with this, you dont get better and for the first few years have no idea even what is wrong with you.

However, the doctor that examined me on behalf of the school and the borough said he thought it was unfair to fire me, even though he was supposed to support the school. He phoned my GP and they had a discussion about how it could affect me getting help or benefits if I was fired, and between them they changed my sacking to medical retirement.

I feel for everyone who tries to battle work and illness. It was a huge relief after I lost my job in many ways, I no longer had to worry about how long certain procedures, treatments or surgery was going to affect my ability to get in to work. Nobody ever says officially that you are ill and advises you to take time off work, you always have to decide that for yourself with the nagging feeling that someone is going to think you are malingering. Your GP, if you ask him if you should be working, is most likely going to say yes if you feel like it and that it is up to you to decide. This is awful because sometimes we need permission to give our bodies a rest and take time off, but nobody will suggest it so we push ourselves.

The only useful thing I can advise out of my experience really is to speak to the Unions about your rights if you are a member, or do go to a CAB for advice because in my experience self certificated sick notes are only for a whole week of sickness, and if you have taken sick days off without one for fewer days you could be in trouble. There is no doubt that employers want to try to get rid of sick employees within the law, and they know they are adding stress but have a duty to save money and fill the gaps that you make by not being there. It is unpleasant, but you have more rights if you take a bigger block of time off. If you take a couple of hours to visit a doc, then work for the rest of the day, it does count as a short term absence rather than sickness and gets lumped in with those people who oversleep, are late, or have not got an official reason....and they can get you on that.

Also, you might find you get to a stage where you are not able to cope with work any longer but desperately need the money. This is what was happening to me and to be honest, working in the school was very physical with great distances to walk and with me not being able to eat solid food for months on end, I could not keep weight on and the stress of my colleagues and the bitching that went on about whether I was anorexic and doing it deliberately, just made it worse. Giving up work can be a relief, but many people with chronic illnesses can work once they have found their level of fitness and can be consistent.

I have done a few jobs since leaving the school, but on my own terms as a designer and when needed I pulled out of doing it. It can be depressing going from being very busy to having on work, if you want to keep the brain active. You might need to find a way of working around what you need to do, for example temping or contracting with an option to take time out during flare ups. My other half does that around his back condition and his music work.


Thank u all so much I will definitely be taking this further I will

Keep u all updated xx


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