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What do you think?

Hi all!I am new here,and not diagnosted BD.Yet.1.Sorry for my english,I will try to write well.I am Hungarian male (44).So I have ulcerns in mouth since little ages.(My mom have too, till now)About 1-10 in a year.When are coming I feel little burn, and under 2 days there is an ulcern.Is tipical and I know it.But last year I was eating and been a big bulla on my palate.It happend under 2-3 second.Like a burn skin.After 3 days it becomes a big painful sore(?).Not tipical ulcer.And ulcer healing 7-10 days,but it over 3 weeks.And this year may it happend again.I was eating the bulla is come.It turn to sore.Healed 4 weeks.In this time i had balanoposthitis.It inflammed glans and foreskin.No fugal,no bacterial.Unknow why happend.It healed 4-5 weeks.And last it happend again on just now.Balanophosthitis again,an under eating big bulla, ect.My doc said need biopsy.(My mom had biopsy from ulcer, and was negative for immune d.)And doc. said it maybe will BD.Any symphtoms are not.Sorry again my english, and for long post.So what do you think?

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One more.The bullas are always on same place.


Hi kokaifati,

I think you need to see a Behcet's specialist to have him/her decide whether Behcet's is a good diagnosis for you. I wasn't able to find any specialists in Hungary, but this doctor in Austria could help, if you're able to travel:

Prof. Dr. Michael Schirmer

Innsbruck Medical University

Clinic of Internal Medicine I

Anichstrasse 35

A-6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: ++43 (0)664 73 6869 36

All the best,

Joanne Z.


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