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Raising money for family member with behcets!

Hello everyone! I'm aware it's a lot to ask strangers for money, but me and my mother recently started doing everything we can to raise money for my aunt (who suffers from many medical issues herself) and my cousin who is only 21 but suffering from behcets after many years of questioning what could possibly be wrong with him. Sadly, my friends don't seem to care about what me and my mother (Jodie) are trying to do, so I'm turning to alternative options, we are attempting to raise money to help make a dent on their debt of medical bills, as well as do home remodeling due to them being too sick/depressed/lacking the money to do it themselves. They've struggled for years before due to her being sick, but now having a son whos so young being sick as well has just drained them. I want to try to build something for them to be happy about, a home to make them more comfortable, somewhere they don't feel unhappy being, like it's a let down to look at because she's been attempting a remodel for years but never gotten the money to be able to. I appreciate all support even if you don't donate it means a lot to know there's other people out there who understand what he's going through.

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Have you heard of go fund me. It is through Facebook. I have never used it but I know of someone who did and had good luck. I am sure most people on this site wish they could help but unfortunately all of us are in similar situations. We are unable to make ends meet as well. Good luck to you.


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