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Genital Ulcers with Yeast Infection, When Should I Worry

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I’m used to mouth and rectal ulcers but I’ve thankfully only been graced with a couple genital ulcers. Now, two months without an infusion, my whole body is a war zone. Thanks to being immune compromised, I have a chronic yeast infection. Rarely does it flare up, but with whatever is happening down there, the yeast is back. Now I’m wondering when to worry. I’m too sick to see a gynecologist, and I have to go back soon for my next post cancer cervical biopsy (as if Behcet’s wasn’t enough 😑.)

Is discharge with ulcers normal? I expected some brown or red due to blood, but the amount is insane to me. I’m contemplating a nudist life style. Panty liners are an option but not an ideal one due to itching.

Just super curious if anyone is willing to share. My labia are swollen like crazy and my entire area is one big blister.

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Hi there, been there. I had chronic thrush for years, then once I was in my worst flare ever, I developed a horrible vaginal yeast infection on top of it while treating sepsis. Pus and blood galore with deep ulcers. Embarrassing amounts of yuck. I had done over 3 months of fluconazole (200 mg twice a day) clotrimazole lozenges, nystatin... you name it. nothing was working. So I went homeopathic (as a pharmaceutical research scientist, i was hesitant).


So I started with gentian violet, and did the candida diet, coupled with acidophilus and nexabiotic multi strain probiotic (all from amazon and cheap) for a solid 9 months. It was not easy, but on day 10, I actually started to feel better. Ulcers decreased, pus stopped, energy was filtering in...This was the ultimate turning point to managing my behcets long term.

I used coconut oil vaginally, it helps a lot with the itching and soothes the inflamed tissues. I also oil pulled a few times as well.

My life went from pills and agony to coconut oil and sugarless. I just wish I had known to do it earlier.

Fast forward five years later, and I am still 100% sucrose free. I still use acidophilus every day (very good for yeast and lady bits) and I am very low carb (think all the meat and seafood, veggies and fats/oils). The infections stopped, my stomach is amazing, the joint pain is gone, the energy is up, and the ulcers barely come unless I accidentally ingest sugar, and I was able to stop my colchicine this past February.

Feel free to click on my profile name for more in depth responses as I tend to preach the whole "go sugarfree aspect" a lot on here.

amazon: NOW foods: acidophilus 2billion CFU

amazon: Nexabiotic 23 strain probiotic

Instagram: bitterbiologist

I hope you give it an honest try, Ive had a few people get back to me with similarly amazing results. Theres also a few on here who manage their BD with dietary changes as well, plus or minus some night shades, figure out if youre susceptible to that or not i suppose. Again, not the easiest change as you really have to revamp your entire diet. I think we all get stuck in this "I dont eat that bad" mentality. Well guess what- you dont eat well enough for your situation. We are a special and very sensitive breed. Listen to you body.

Hope this helps boop, keep us posted. xoxo

See my issue is that my ability to change my diet right now is next to impossible. I’ve already been cutting down (and soon out) sugars to the best of my power. Problem is, I have gastroparesis. Bland carbs are gentle on the stomach, so I’m left with things like rice, bread, and crackers. Nutrition wants me to cut our sugar, but not being able to consume any meat, vegetables, or fruits, sort of limits options.

I did cut out normal soda recently, and went back to all natural colas. Expensive but better on my gut and overall health. We are working in vegan meats, but only plain gluten free vegan chicken strips seem manageable. (The protein in those keeps me full all day which would be fine if I were anyone else, but getting stuffed for an entire day, off 120 or so calories, isn’t ideal.)

Thankfully I get IVIG tomorrow so I’m hopeful the symptom will ease up. I have lived the last few years of my life with a chronic yeast infection, to the point where we only treat symptomatic flare ups of it. Its resistant already to fluconazole and you don’t want to be on ketoconazole long term. (They’re also worried about creating resistance to that drug, too.)

I bath with epsum salts and baking soda, it helps kill the yeast. Also doing cycles of fluconzole during flares helped as well. It’s very frustrating, I never had to deal with yeast infections, except after antibiotics, before this Bechets nightmare.

My gynaecologist was instrumental in my diagnosis, due to the fact that I had so many genital ulcerations that the discharge was unbelievable.

That is what struck him as significant, mind you I had 12 ulcerations and couldn’t walk properly, but the discharge amount was very strange and is not a side effect of say, Herpes, which is what they told me I had for the first six months I battled these ulcerations. He prescribed Me clobetasol, a topical steroid. Clears those up before they get a good start! 🙃

Thank you! I’ve probably had a stray one here or there but this situation was horrendous. Legitimately had ice in my pants as often as possible.

Good grief, you're in a terrible state. But don't give up, Christina. I also have blisters and a horrible yeast infection. I asked my doctor to prescribe some temovate cream- which is a pretty strong cortosteroid to use when I'm at my wit's end. I'm taking fluconozole and trying various anti fungal creams and powders. It all seems to be trial and error. it's good to remember that many fruits are loaded with sugar (fructose) so best to cut back with other sugars.

Best of lack and pamper yourself.

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