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Hello All

It is getting closer to Christmas and I am trying to keep up the pace of the season, while taking care of myself. It is a real balancing act. I decided not to send out Christmas cards this year, as I have too many other things on my plate right now. My skin is acting up in itchy blistering bumps on the back of my leg and that is a sign that I need to slow down and chill a little. I live alone, and for the most part, don't mind it, but the holidays are a little daunting. Trying to get gifts that will please and that I can afford is time consuming. I picked up a few extra hours of work so that is another adjustment I am making.

The weather is making my fibromyalgia very active, so I have to really pace my activities. I am also on the depression community, and it can be a three ring circus going on in my body! Having a good sense of humor helps. Some days, though, it is hard just forcing myself to get out of bed. Still, I am happy most days and grateful for the abilities that I do have. Hope you all have a very merry Christmas!

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Sorry to hear that you are not feeling ok. The cirkus with all kinds of "actors" is something I can agree on, I feel the same way and Christmas is coming - help! Stress levels is hard to keep down.

I try to take it easy but it is not easy. It feels like when one Place on my body is calming down - Another is acting out. I hope that you have a very merry Christmas too!


Less is definitely more round here. I have not done anything towards Christmas yet, apart from a little bit of furniture polishing and buying a couple of packs of charity cards. Every year I do less, yet every year we enjoy it more. Today it's dull so will light a few candles and maybe do a little more tidying, and perhaps hang the paper snowflakes we got from the pound shop. But if only the candles get lit, it will be enough to put us in the mood. Have a cool yule y'all!


Despite everything, I hope you have a lovely Christmas. xxx


Thank you so much....and same to you and yours. God bless you.


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