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Hello! I have had uveitis since 2007. There are occassions when the slit lamp exams look good but I do not feel good all over. When that happens, the doctor makes me do an angiogram and at all times, the angiograms have shown vasculitis.

Do you also do angiogram?

It bothers me that slit lamp can show nothing while an angiogram would reveal some problems at the very same time.

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I have not had an angiogramme (do you of the eye?) but do have a picture taken of the back of the eye sometimes. Unfortunately drs did not do this recently when my eye sight was very wavy - which could have been my retina, as it was after 6pm - v frustrrating. I also have situations where drs can't see the inflamation (after a bout of uevitis when they could) but my eye sight is still problematic. I am due to see eye docs tomorrow - I ask about other possible tests/reasons and see what they say, depending on how eye test goes. Your post has spurred me on to do this.

I don't think the slit lamp can see everything. In another thread on eyes, 'London Pete' says that Prof Stamford from London COE says that slit lamp can't see everything ( as I understand the post). In the end The best thing is to try to get the Behcet's under control but so far no treatment has done this for me, despite me being on humira.

I'll pm you after my visit.

Take care,



Hello, Sian!

Yes, I was referring to angiogram of the eyes - with contrast dye being injected into the bloodstream. in my case, the angiogram have been useful in detecting vasculitis of the retina.

I forgot to mention that in addition to slit lamp, my opthalmologist also routinely checks my eyes using an new OPTOS machine - It comes out with pictures of the insides of the eyes, together with veins, etc. Another OPTOS machine checks the retina. I managed to google these OPTOS machines.

Despite these two OPTOS machines and the slit lamp, I still feel insecure that a flare might go undetected.

I wrote a US doctor about advice on other possible checks - will pass on to you whatever response I might get.

Wishing you all the best



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