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As most may know coke is the easiest thing to drink and brushing teeth with ulcers is excruciating and most toothpastes contain sodium laureth sulfate which actually causes ulcers because of 4 years of drinking coke and rarely being able to brush my teeth my teeth are in a horrible state and I have already lost 4 I dont want to lose more I was wondering if anybody had any hints or tips on keeping my teeth clean and maybe whitening them any advice would be appreciated.

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Have you tried Bicarbonate Soda. As children we were told to put this directly onto our ulcers, since then I have found it be quite good for cleaning teeth.

Good luck.


I found it's helpful for my mouth sores. Seems to heal them up faster.


Hi Paige,

Here are some little changes which worked for me (so far, fingers crossed).

Retardex toothpaste is sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) free. Costs £8 tube but it lasts me several months and you can get it from the high street. Yes, sounds pricey but a bargain in relation to dental charges.

Try an electric toothbrush? I really notice the difference in the whiteness of my teeth when the batteries run out and I don't replace them immediately....ahem.

Hydrogen peroxide. Using this as a mouthwash keeps things whiter and cleaner. You need a weak %, speak to your pharmacist.

If there are areas that you can't brush comfortably, numb the area with oragel then put toothpaste on your finger to clean the area.

Find a dentist you like and go regularly (every 3 months), even if its only for a good clean. I know this is possibly a sticking point (and I went through several before I found someone decent) but it's worth it.

Best of luck,



Sarakan and Corsodyl are also SLS free. Sarakan tastes weird but good, Corsodyl tastes weird but vile.

Would swishing your mouth thoroughly with water after the coke remove some of the acids and sugars, I wonder?

I make a mouth wash from gin with cinnamon leaf and lemongrass essential oils, then dilute it with water before use. Both these oils are known to limit streptococcus sanguinis: studies reveal a hypersensitivity to this bacterium in Behçet's patients. Ulcers do seem less frequent since I have been doing this, but it has only been two months, so still early days.

Surprisingly, brushing teeth with turmeric gently whitens (though I am not sure whether it would stain white fillings) and may have an anti inflammatory effect into the bargain. Expect to ditch your nasty yellow toothbrush after use, though!


Hi Paige, I agree with all that has been said especially the dentist. Most dentists are well up with Behcets and give you the best advice and they can also give prescriptions and refer you to specialists for your mouth in general or BD.

Hope this helps



Thanks for all the tips guys I have trouble using hydrogen peroxide even the very mild one I will try most of the others though I am slightly confused as to how the turmeric works but I'll give it a go.


When I'm not able to brush my teeth I use Peridex. My doctor recommended this for me due to ulcerations.


Orabase has also been a blessing.


Actually my mouth ulcers are almost non existent ever since I went gluten free and started using tooth past without SLS. I am in the US and we have Trader Joe's and I use their Anise paste for about 3 years now. It works really well.


Coke and other carbonated drinks do not go down well with me. Have you considered water? So much healthier, leaner and so refreshing


I can't swallow water and barely my own saliva I know how much healthier it is it's also a lot more painful


@Jaxii where do you buy the essential oils? Thanks


hi i buy the tooth paiste from holland and barret it doesnt have that sodium sulphate in its al natural its exspencive but worth it ...


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