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Coca Cola?

I have been suffering with Behcets for almost 4 years and have basically been in a constant state of flare up since then as none of the medications I have tried have worked yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, although I was misdiagnosed with Crohns for almost 3 years thankfully a lot of the medications are the same and since my first symptoms took over my body I have only been able to drink coca cola and on some very good days strawberry milk I was wondering how common this was with behcets sufferers I have found a lot of forums with people mentioning this and if anybody knows why it doesn't hurt I am rather curious.

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Hi, yes my daughter finds coke eases the ulcer pain for a while but i dont know why this is, she finds the coke from a certain fast food chain works best for some reason. x


I have been using this for mouth/throat ulcers for over twenty years and for me it has been a life saver as I was living in very hot countries and it was the only liquid or food I could manage and kept me hydrated. I did once ask why this helps and was told the coke part soothes the pain. A bit like putting toothpaste on a burn helps ease the pain.

Must ask my pharmacist next time I get my prescription.




Hi, I was also misdiagnosed with Crohns before getting diagnosed with Behcets. Azathioprine is commonly used to treat Crohns and is one of the drugs I take for my BD. I suffer with ulcers where my small intestine joins the large one, in the ilium area, this means I struggle to absorb food properly and keep weight on when I flare.

Coke is great for mouth ulcers, the colder it is the better. I'm curious about what it is that eases the pain as other cold fizzy drinks don't have the same effect. C x


I actually can't drink coke because it tickles my throat and makes me cough which makes my pleurisy worse. I'm also lactose intolerant. :/


o w o I usually like cold drinks when I have ulcers so this makes sense...I do not enjoy milk or strawberry milk though since it makes my throat feel weird


Hi, I like to drink water with lime cordial I find it helps rather than make my mouth all cloggy like with regular fruit squash. I do like Pepsi it does soothe my ulcers I think it might be the fizzy bubbles, in a strange way it's like a little massage for my mouth when it's sore and aching from ulcers..xxxx


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