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GPs not accepting consultants' diagnosis

Recently I was diagnosed with Behçet's at the Birmingham CoE. I went to see my GP, who diagnosed me with CFS 14 years ago, for a chat about it, and was very surprised when he said ' I am prepared to accept a diagnosis of PROBABLE Behçet's'. Since then, I have read of several GPs not accepting a Behçet's diagnosis at all! What is going on here? What is the point of a GP referral system if the GP subsequently modifies or denies the specialists' diagnosis?

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Yes this does happen a lot and not only with GP's but also consultants. I had a situation where 3 out of 5 said without a shadow of a doubt it is BD, 1 said unsure and the fifth said he would settle for probable. Now this was over 20 years ago...


Oops forgot to mention the Centre will write to your GP about diagnosis and meds etc. also that the. NHS itself is running out of funds and so it could all be about money and costs of meds and all else.



Possibly a bit of sour grapes as well Billi and Jaxxi

I had a G.P once that was very put out that the original diagnosis I had of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, was overturned after 15 years of suffering........needless to say I am happy not to be...


The Centre HAVE written to my GP, with a clear heading that says 'Diagnosis: Behçet's Disease' and stating further down that I fit the Behçet's criteria. I was sent a copy at the same time.

I don't have a great deal of personal concern as my...


The folder is a good idea, Andrea. I got on my high horse a bit back there about 'erosion of professional principles' didn't I? It's just that Behçets is a confusing enough illness as it is without doctors muddling people around!


I get exactly where you are coming from and this is one place you are able to get on your hi horse without it posing a problem as we here do understand what it's like :)

Like you I have been a long time in the system...and most of the time in the wrong place. I've tried everything to get my healthcare exactly right over the years and realise that the only person it is really affecting is me and my health.

I go to around 3-5 different hospitals and invariably, in an emergency they take me to my local hospital where some of my Medical Notes are on file and the rest isn't as it is at another hospital. Over the years I have worn myself out trying to make sure every hospital had a copy of each others reports on file. Only to later realise that most of time they refer to the computer records which only have the reports that hospital has written and not copies of the reports from other hospitals that I have given them to put on my medical file.

Now I hand my file over for them to read and it works out so much better for me because they won't disagree with what another Doctor has written and so I am not pre-judged or challenged over the diagnosis etc. The hospital also knows who to call to discuss it and for advise on treatment.

Hope it works as well for you :)


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