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Hope everyone is doing alright. Mild flare up at the moment. Just wanted to post a positive comment on here because sometimes I think even I forget to try and see some of the good around me. What about all you? Anything good? My positive comment is that classes are halfway over and I might actually get to finish out the semester without some serious time missed and get to transfer to a higher institute.

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  • That's great to hear Dean, and must mean that your illness is relatively stable even is stable may be tough to bear. I am going to "borrow" a disabled low slung trike on Monday from a disability cycle shop so I can see if I can get to grips with it and train for the London-Paris Behcet challenge. I would like to be honest ...the trike has electric as back up. My husband is having a tizzy about me even thinking of doing this, but I cannot bear to have no challenge in my life as I am not currently in work............so I am excited about the trike. It is good to reflect that even though our world may be smaller than it was, it can still be vibrant and meaningful xxx Jill

  • You are a bloody inspirational woman, Jill. My OH would be like yours with knobs on though - more than a tizzy. He thinks he's protecting me but I feel he is smothering me.

    My positive comment? My skin is clear for the first time in two years! And all from a three quid pot of cream (Nixoderm).

  • Hubby has just had a chat with me to reign me in about the Paris trip...but I just want to see if I can train and see what i can achieve...you know that saying about its the journey that's important....doesn't matter of I get to Paris. I will give it a go and see what happens. Pleased for you about your wonder cream!! x

  • I am still thinking it will be too much for me but let me know how th bike is and I might consider it!!! Still think a wing walk is the way forward!!!!




  • i am deffo up for the wing walk.....regardless of whether I can do the Paris challenge...I'm off to try the trikes on Monday...hubby is driving me up to York. He is concerned I may overexert myself playing on the trikes. Dear god what happened to me managing a £2m budget?

  • My positive comment is a week last Tuesday I was rushed I to my local hospital with excruciating pain and could hardly walk. The A&E were excellent and after 6 hours of test, X-rays and consulting gave me some meds to use immediately before staring on Colchicine again. I know what you are thinking where is the POSITIVE?????

    Well one week late here I am in wonderful hot and sunny Spain and feeling soo much better. Wish you could all be here!!!!!

    Hugs and smiles


  • Hi Dean

    Well I know we all have a whinge and a moan on here but we do report good times as well. I am pleased to say that I have only got 6 ulcers on my legs at the moment, better than the 30 or so I had a few weeks ago!!!! I am feeling very achy but had a lovely meal out last night and even indulged in a glass of wine!




  • I have matched u and raised you 2 glasses :-) I have worked hard on rehab this week and think i deserve it

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