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Forum Site Down Time !!

I’m pleased to announce that the new HealthUnlocked platform will officially launch on Tuesday July 9th, bringing many features we believe will improve your experience and that of the community members.

In order to ensure a smooth transition, please note that the HealthUnlocked platform will be down on Tuesday morning between 9am and 1pm. You will therefore be unable to access your community during that time,

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No problems - I know these things have to be done. I'm currently in hospital and keep directing staff to this site as one of the best sources of information on Behcets Disease. Also one of the best sites to use - keep up the good work!


I agree with you, Lesley-- thanks so much for keeping this support site running! I have found this to be the best active support blog for Behcet's Disease. Even though it is based out of the UK society, I have found it to be extremely useful even being from Canada-- and I also want to thank you guys for allowing people like me who are outside the UK to join in and become an active member. Keep it up :)


Has anything happened?


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