Putting the ç into Behçets

Putting the ç into Behçets

Anyone out there curious to know how a keyboard can spell Behcet's as Behçet's - look no further than here (hopefully).....

I have 2 computers - one is an old desktop PC with a proper keyboard and a traditional numerical pad on the right. The other is a laptop with the usual laptop keyboard that has no separate numerical keypad.

On a standard desktop keyboard all you do to get a "ç" is hold down the ALT key to the left of the space bar and with the ALT key held down type 0 2 3 1 on the numerical keypad.

Wherever the cursor is in your document or e.mail or blog post you will see a ç appear in the screen.

If you are using a laptop it's a bit more complicated.

Laptops have a "Num Lock" button somewhere in the layout.

On a Sony VAIO the Num Lock key is just above the wide backspace key.

Get where you want to be in your text and then press the Num Lock key and a light should come on somewhere to say that this key is engaged.

Then look on your keyboard and you'll see a collection of the letter keys have small numbers on them and these replicate the numbers on a numerical keypad.

On my laptop the 0 2 3 and 1 keys are assigned to the M K L and J keys.

So, on a laptop just press Num Lock then hold down the ALT key as before and with your right finger type M K L J or whichever letters the numbers 0 2 3 1 are assigned to.

Don't forget to press the Num Lock key again to turn off the virtual numerical keypad.

Alternatively click on the start button in Windows and at the box at the bottom type the words character map.

This should bring up the character map app and from here you can select the character and then manually copy and paste it into whatever text you are typing.

I've uploaded a small image of what the character map looks like....

Hope this is of use.....


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  • Hi - was just wondering what the c I. Behcets was called - or is it the little squiggle underneath that has a special name?


  • behcets.info/pronunciation.htm


    These 2 links cover how the word is pronounced and the origins of the name.

  • Thanks Herb but any ideas for a Mac keyboard? :-(

  • reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727...

    Hello there - I've never used a modern Mac but the URL above should be a good start.


  • Ha ha, great post! The easiest way is to get a computer with a French keyboard.. the letter is already on it. Or have a look on wikipedia bottom of the page:


    @ Lesley, "ç" is called "c-cedilla" and appears in several languages, including the French "ça va?" making "c" to be pronounced "s" instead of "k" before certain vowels.

    Hulusi Behçet seemed like a very perceptive doctor, he managed to put these symptoms all together through observation when they were thought to be syphillis, tuberculosis, and what not.. If I were him I wouldn't like to have my name attached to this awful disease though..

  • I learnt schoolbook French over 40 years ago - as soon as I saw the word cedilla it came back - thanks!

  • You are mostly welcome! :)

  • you could try this free program:


    i.e.; I type b s # to get Behçet's syndrome

    this program is powerful and can do much much more....




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