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Research into funding expensive drugs

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Hi all, there's a PhD student, Siobhan Bourke, from Bangor University who is researching the funding of expensive drugs for patients with rare diseases. She is asking for patients and their carers to complete an on-line survey (lasting approx 30 mins) This is a research project that the Behcet's Society is supporting and one that we will be promoting on our website and in our newsletter to encourage patients to participate. Please copy and paste the link below and you will be taken to the Bangor University participant information page and the survey.

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Done mine 😊

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lilaraquel in reply to andreafm

Thank you :-)

Done mine too!

Fab, thank you ;-)

I tried but it was only for the UK

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lilaraquel in reply to Meep

Ah yes, it is only UK patients. Thanks though.

Hello I have been a member of Behçet’s UK for approximately ten years although I live in Australia. I have been paying close to $800 every ten days for an injection called Sekuminumab. Do you want me to fill out the survey even though I don’t live in the UK? Cheers Lesley

Whoops just realised how old your post was! Not sure why it popped up. Sorry Lesley

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