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Weight Loss

Hi all

Haven't been on for a while as had another flare but feeling better now. I started Slimming World 2 weeks ago as I was so desparate to lose some of the steroid wieght I have put on. I lost a 1 pound the first week and was a little disappointed but realised I wasn't following the diet properly. This week I lost 3 and half pounds and have still been able to have treats and nice things to eat. Mentally this has given me a boost and it is the first time in 3 years my trousers seem a little bit loose! I am feeling good about this at the moment and wanted to share it.

Also had my injection into the hip joint under ultrasound conditions on Tuesday. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would and apart from bruising it has been fine.

So 2 good things have been happening, all I need now is to win the lottery and it would be the end of a pretty good week!!!

Hugs to all



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That's great news Angela

Well done for losing weight as I know how difficult that is on steroids. Along with the injections this should help mobility, exercise etc.

They do say good news comes in 3's so all eyes down for the lottery :)

or is that bingo LOL



Thanks Andrea

I like bingo too but havent been for years until recently when my boss retired and we all went to the bingo for her leaving do! It was great fun. Didn't win anything but never do have luck with things like that!

May have to buy a lucky dip tonight!!



Hi Angela,

Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement.

It is amazing what a great lift does for you but I think you sounded very brave with your hip injection. I have had my shoulders injected and found it very painful. I hope you find it lasts a while.

You have offered us so much support with your good news.

Best wishes, felicity


Well done Angela,

I managed to lose about a couple of stone last year with Slimming World. It is a very sensible regime and I have not put the weight back on because I stuck to their principles. Wouldn't it be great if the weight gain you have with steroids just fell off when you stopped having them? Life is a little unfair that way!!!

Continue the good fight.

All the best Suzanne xx


Hi Angela, I've not been feeling great so just been nipping in and out of the site.

I joined Slimming world too about 5 weeks ago and i've lost 7.5lbs.

During that 5 weeks I spent 2 on holiday in Greece and a girls weekend in Blackpool....so I didn't expect to lose weight.

You are so right Angela in what a difference it makes to how we feel both physically and mentally!

I think to lose 3.5 lbs in a week is really smashing, I love looking at the wewight loss graph to see when I will be back at a more comfortable weight.

My main reason is not only cosmetic but I so hope that the reduced weight eases my joint pain. Are you getting any relief from your joint pain Angela? I know it's something you suffer with too.

Love Jill x


Hi Jill

I did feel better but weighed this week and put on 2.5 lb. Gutted but I had been a bit naughty. So this week will be good and not eat any bad food. I did feel a bit better with my joints but still have another couple of stone to lose. I will persevere and keep on trying and not eat any chocolate!!!





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