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My 1st Behcets Suppourt meeting in the Wirral :-)

I'd just like to thank the Fantastic hosts ( Yvonne & Paul ) and Carol - Liverpool suppourt worker for a really great evening in the Wirral last night - made me feel very welcome

Also a very big thank you to all the other Behcets patients their partners & family who were there , it was lovely to meet you all - it was really helpful to listen to all the stories and wise advice from you guys who have been suffering for so long with this awful illness but at the same time still managing to just get on with your lives as best you can ... As I'm quite new to Behcets it's given me a bit of a boost for the future to see & listen to how you all have coped .

Unfortunately I had to leave early on in the evening due to starting work at 05.30 next morning so I wasn't able to get everyone's contact details , however I did leave mine with Yvonn & Paul and I will ask them for everyone else's at a later date ( if you don't mind )

P.S. and finally it was a pleasure to speak to Alan from the Behcets help line face to face - so to speak after his great advice to me last year on the phone

Thanks again


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Hi Hugh, it was good to meet you too. Good luck for 11th and keep us posted. Cheers Alan.


Thanks Alan , let you know how I get on :-)


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