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Looking for patient support outside of London

Hello, I have recently met two patients in our London clinic who live too considerably far away to be able to attend our London Support Group. Both, are feeling a bit isolated and looking for other BD patients in their area for either phone or face to face support/friendship.

Is there anyone living in the Redruth area of Cornwall or East Yorkshire???

Please message me with your details if you interested.

Thanks so much!

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You probably know this, but have you asked the Society? They hold a list of support groups and people willing to be contacted. The people you mention can register their details and make it known they are happy for them to be shared with others in their area.

It's a shame this group and face book don't connect as I have seen posts organising London meet ups and so on - though I am not involved so I suppose it may be the same people as on here!


Thanks Tigerfeet. Unfortunately, at the moment there seems to be little support in the above two areas, at least in the face to face meeting up. I will look into the society membership again and see what I can find.

Thanks so much for your help.



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