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Liverpool Patient Support Group Meeting

Hiya, my name is Carol and I am the Support Worker at the Liverpool Centre of Excellence, based at Aintree Hospital. Apologies for not formally introducing myself sooner, as Janine (Birmingham) and Jean (London) have done. I have been in post since January and have met quite a few patients already who use this forum.Therefore, I would like to tell you that we have arranged a Liverpool Support Group meeting for Thursday 23rd May 2013 @ 6pm.

It will be held on the Wirral to enable some patients who live in North Wales to attend. There has been an established small group who have met regularly over the years in Liverpool, and interest has grown due to the opening of the centre. Therefore If anyone is interested in attending can they message me and I will give them further details. I will also email patients who have given me their contact details in clinic as a reminder. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Many thanks Carol.

ps I have attended 1 previous meeting of the group and must say what a really lovely group of people they are. Made me feel so welcome!

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Hi Carol hun,

Only just spotted this one ! Hope you are well and still enjoying your new role.

Unfortunately I don't usually manage to get out at during the evenings anymore. I find that by mid afternoon I am so knackered that I fall asleep for a couple of hours and then by the time I wake up again it is getting on past dinner time so I won't be able to make it I am afraid.

Please say a big hello to everyone for me though if you don't mind.

If there are any notes (?) I would like to see what was said and if anything cropped up tat I should know about. Can you keep me posted if this is the case please. Mwah! You're an angel as usual. :)

Big hugs and say Hi to the rest of the team for me !

Tootles xx


Cant wait for Debs to go to this meeting, she feels very isolated right now so i think it will help her to meet people who really do understand the effects of BD, Carol, your a god send xx


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