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Banding of haemorrhoid/HELP


Does anyone have my symptoms

1. No constipation

2. No bleeding

3. Discomfort in anus on waking after lying on bottom.

4. Discomfort in anus when sitting

5. Greatly improved when upright and mobile.

6. Proctogram showed prolapse in all 3 departments.

However conflicting advice/ within limits/ possible high grade Intussusception which appears not to acknowledged in many hospitals.

7. Banding of tissue advised by one consultant and then retracted as another specialist thought this was possibly more of a prolapse issue.

8. Conflicting advice gynaecological and colorectal.

Have been offered

Hysterectomy and anterior repair but my symptoms are not worse at the end of the day. I do not have prolapse pain or dragging. Have also been offered Ventral rectopexy.

I have anal discomfort which I am begging to think may well be helped with some banding sessions, albeit I realise could be very painful but may be better than contemplating full blown surgery.

I am beginning to think banding is worth a go prior to a surgery. I do not have pudendal nerve pain.

Any advice would be most welcome as the specialists do not always get it right.


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Hi Sandra,

I think I may have replied to you before so please ignore me if I have. I have some of your symptoms but not all. Can't help you with banding question but have you been offered a pessary? My consultant says there is one that you can try that will lift all 3 prolapse areas to see if that makes you more comfortable. If it does then that means surgery may work. You just try it for a couple of weeks, not something you would want to leave in forever. I know you say you do not get worse as the day goes on but it may alleviate your rectal pressure?

I'm thinking about it as I permanently feel that I'm sitting on something but don't want to make things worse by having surgery (permanent incontinance & nerve damage being my main fears).

It's all so scary as it's such a difficult thing to talk about, even to a doctor. My symptoms change which doesn't help but the weak pelvic floor is a constant problem.

Good luck, let me know if you get anywhere with this.


Thank you for your posting.

I have tried a ring pessary the only pessary offered.

Had it in for 2 days and made no difference to my anal end.

Very interested to hear from ladies who have experienced banding of haemorrhoids.

I appreciate there are different types of pessaries but I do not think they are used here in the UK.

Thank you again for your posting,



I'm in UK too. I think it's called a "gelhorn" (my specialist physiotherapist tells me there are many different types so it may be worth asking) I really want to avoid surgery so am willing to try almost anything! Would be nice to think there is an answer out there. :)

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Thanks for that info much appreciated.

Excuse my terrible spelling as I'm using my phone to type. It looks to me that there is very little communication with gynaecology and colorectal in most NHS hospitals

From my listening to stories on forums many surgeries do not last. A hysterectomy can leave you with a secondary prolapse of the bowel and bladder. Unfortunately my womb has dropped considerably as well as my bladder but not causing problems when up and mobile. I can walk for much time with very few problems.

The mesh suspension surgery I guess is risky, but makes plenty iof sense.

The ventral rectipexy surgery again is risky with mesh however I believe less problems reported.

There needs to be more money spent on this area of medicine as many many women are suddenly suffering.

Many from child birth, and possibly spinal epidurals which may be now giving long term back pain.

We need more funding in this area of medicine.

Women unknowingly are being used for complex surgeries to further knowledge.

I'm sorry this is my opinion.

I'm hoping someone

msy advise re banding.



Do the simple things first eg. Banding.

If that doesnt work then think about other opinion.

I have had it done and the outcome was dramatic. No more rectal pain following every BM. takes about 6weeks for evetything to settle down so be patient.


Seems sensible. I've heard banding can hurt like hell! Good luck